5 Great Reels For Switch Rods You Should Try

reels for switch rods
reels for switch rods

Switch rods are a good choice for anglers that are still discovering their style and want to experiment with different techniques. The market is filled with affordable switch rod options that present the perfect price point to the anglers. So, if you’re a novice and don’t know which switch rod to choose, it would be a good idea to start from a cheap option. Once you’re somewhat familiar with the basics, you won’t have trouble upgrading to a better unit. When it comes to the reels for switch rods, they can be a bit expensive. If you want decent performance, spending a few hundred bucks on the reel will serve you perfectly. So, here are a few reels for switch rods that you should try out.

5 Best Reels For Switch Rods

1. Redington Behemoth

The larger arbor and the adjustable drag system brought forward by this reel make it the ideal option for most switch rods. You won’t have to worry much about the durability as Redington ensures customers with a strong carbon-fiber structure. The use of carbon fiber minimizes weight while also giving the same durability as some of the premium reels on the market.

The price point is not that expensive, and you won’t have to set aside more than 200 dollars to include this fishing reel in your system. So, if you want the features of a premium switch reel on a budget, then Redington Behemoth is a good starting point.

2. Danielsson L5W

The L5W series from Danielsson is pretty popular when it comes to providing larger options with a durable frame. The efficient design of this reel marks maintenance easier, and you won’t have to spend much time keeping the reel clean. It blocks out the majority of the dirt, and you can keep the reel clean in saltwater. So, the Danielsson L5W is a decent choice if you’re not a fan of Redington.

According to experts, this reel performs better than Redington Behemoth when it comes to saltwater conditions. So, you should keep this information in mind if you’re struggling to find a pick that matches your setup requirements.

3. Vosseler S1

The Vosseler S1 reel is an excellent fit for switch rods, and it is primarily known for its precise drag system. The demands of different switch rods can vary, but you can easily secure consistent fishing performance by adjusting the drag system accordingly. The closed cage offered by Vosseler S1 adds to the durability, and this reel is the perfect fit for a versatile switch rod.

The only issue is that you will be spending a bit of extra budget when comparing the price with other options mentioned here. So, this option is suitable for you if you’re not that worried about the increased price point.

4. SKD RedBack

The SKD RedBack is another suitable option for beginners that are not that interested in spending hundreds of dollars on a new fishing reel. While this switch reel might not be the best in terms of efficiency, it is still enough to help you through casual trips. So, if the water conditions are not that harsh and you’re trying to catch smaller fish, then give SKD RedBack a try. It will fit nicely into your setup without having an impact on your budget.

5. Airflo Switch

The affordability of this option from Airflo is pretty similar to SKD RedBack, but you will get a lighter frame and a basic drag system. It is only meant for still water applications, and you can’t expect much performance for saltwater. However, you will have to pay close to 80 dollars for this fishing reel. So, if you need a cheap switch reel for still water applications, try the Airflo switch reel.

All in all, the best reel for switch rods depends entirely upon the setup you’re using. There is no such thing as one perfect switch reel that will fit all requirements. So, make sure to evaluate the fishing conditions and the existing rod weight before spending money on a new reel. Otherwise, you will just be spending money on an option that doesn’t bring any real value to your fishing system. Seeking help from a local expert will help you narrow down the best fit for your fishing setup.

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