Saury vs Mackerel – Key Differences

Saury vs Mackerel
Saury vs Mackerel

Mackerel is a very common name that is applied to a different number of species. These belong to the family Scombridae, mostly a species of pelagic fish. Mackerel is commonly found in temperate as well as tropical seas. They are mostly living alongside the coasts or often offshore in an oceanic environment. These fishes typically have vertical stripes like tigers, a fork-shaped tail, and their back is of green-blue iridescent quality.

Mackerels usually spawn in fairly shallow waters and thus travel along the coast for suitable spawning. Smaller mackerel are forage fish for larger predators. With that being said, people often confuse the fish mackerel with another variety known as saury. You might run into a similar problem which is why going through this article is the best option. This should help you in getting a better understanding of how the fish are different as we will be providing you with a comparison between them.

Saury vs Mackerel Comparison


Pacific saury or sometimes only known as saury is a type of fish that is from the family Scomoberesocidae. The fish is popularly known for its use in seafood cuisines in tons of regions. These include the East as well as some Asian cuisines that can be delicious. The main reason why people confuse this variety with mackerel is because of its name being used in Asian regions. The fish is known as mackerel pike here because of its similarities in taste with the other fish.

You should note that saury can often be classified as a type of mackerel because of all its characteristics. Though, another thing to keep in mind is that most people are referring to Atlantic mackerel when using this name. This is why it can be important to remember that saury or Pacific saury is not the same as Atlantic mackerel. Now that you understand this, the taste of this fish is quite delicate. There are tons of cooking techniques that can be used to prepare the meat on these fish. Depending on which one you choose, the taste of your fish might vary.

Aside from this, another thing to note about the variety is its high amount of nutrients. These can be great as they help in keeping people healthy. This includes having omega-3 fatty oils that can help with cardiovascular activities. Additionally, the protein in this meat can also help people in staying healthy. The fish is usually low in calories as long as you grill it instead of deep-frying. The fish can even be found being sold in small tin cans. These can keep the meat preserved for a much longer time and allow people to get a quick nutritious meal in case of emergencies.


Mackerel is usually a common name used to refer to tons of fish from the same family as saury. Talking about this, even saury is a type of mackerel which is why trying to distinguish between them can be a little difficult. Though, if you are referring to Atlantic mackerel then this fish is quite different when compared with saury. The meat on this fish is known for having 10 times more Vitamin E and about 70 times more Vitamin K. The rest of the nutrients are also higher which makes this fish a better option.

Now that you understand how amazing the meat found on mackerel is, people might wonder how it tastes. When it comes to this, the meat of the fish is low in fat. This means that you have to cook it carefully as high heat can cause most of the fat to dissolve. If this happens then the cooked meat will be too dry which can be annoying to consume. To prevent this from happening, special cooking methods can be used that involve cooking at a lower temperature.

You need to understand that ensuring that the meat is cooked evenly is also essential. This can be taken care of by using a food thermometer. With that being said, the information provided above should be enough to help most people in understanding how the fish are different from each other. If you are wondering which fish tastes better, then the only way to check this is by consuming them both. The choice usually depends on the user’s personal preferences, which is why the answer might vary.

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