Simrad NSS Evo vs Simrad NSO Evo (Comparison)

simrad nss vs nso
simrad nss vs nso

When going out to catch fish, people already understand how important a boat can be. The vehicles let you travel across the body of water easily while preventing tons of problems. Though, there is also some additional equipment that is often required on these trips. Fish finders are tablets that can be used to access information regarding the body of water you are traveling in. These can be used for navigation as well to locate fishes that can be caught. Though, you should note that there are several models of these devices that can be bought.

Simrad is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing some of the best fish finders but even this company has several options to select from. The Simrad NSS Evo and Simrad NSO Evo are two lineups that have been getting quite popular nowadays. Both of these are amazing, but people often get confused when trying to select between the two models. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two devices so that you can understand how these are different.

Simrad NSS Evo vs Simrad NSO Evo Comparison

Simrad NSS Evo

Simrad NSS Evo is one of the most popular fish finders manufactured by the brand. This comes in several variants that people can choose from and the main difference between the tablets is their size. You can select from tablets starting with 9-inches to up to 16-inches. The 9 and 12-inch variants from the brand also have a radar installed on them that can help in getting better navigation. The tools can not only detect flocks of fish passing by but are also capable of finding how deep these are traveling.

Having access to your location at all times as well as how deep the body of water you are traveling in can be amazing. People can also get information about the water current surrounding them which can help in avoiding tons of issues. You can mostly detect waves traveling towards you and save your boat from larger currents. Overall, the NSS series from Simrad are power tools that can help in making your fishing experience a lot more fun. These also have the feature to save locations so that you can visit them later.

The display on the tablet is a touch screen but people are also provided with several buttons. These can be used to configure the features on the fish finder easily. People should note that the tool also has a built-in mic that can be used for voice commands. Other than this, there are some included components which are edge bezels, dash mount kit, sun cover, and power cables.

Simrad NSO Evo

The NSO Evo is a similar fish finder when compared with the NSS series. The major difference you will notice is that the tool has a much larger display. This is about 19 inches and there are no buttons that can be used to access the settings. The tablet is simply a touch screen, and you can also use voice commands on it. Additionally, you should note that another major difference is the processor on this device. The NSO series are equipped with much more powerful processors that allow for smooth operation.

There are also some smaller variants of the lineup, but the size options are still relatively large compared with the NSS series. You should note that the tablet contains additional features, and it is also much better at finding exact locations. People can check the temperatures, depth levels, current, as well as numerous other things when traveling. They can even check what the condition of the water is in areas that they are traveling towards. This can be quite useful as you can turn before running into any dangerous area.

Overall, both the NSS and NSO Evo are great fish finders that you can purchase. The best way to decide which tool suits your usage better is by going through the details provided above. Most professionals would find the NSO lineup to be better. Though, the only downside with it is its high price. This is why if you are new to fishing then the NSS lineup should be more than enough for your use. You can also contact the support team for Simrad to help you out with any questions in your mind.

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