TFO Axiom Fly Rod Reviews – Should You Buy?

tfo axiom fly rod reviews
tfo axiom fly rod reviews

When it comes to the TFO fly rods, the market is pretty divided. There are many anglers who are not that happy about the performance brought forward by this brand. For this reason, you will often find users avoiding TFO rods when it comes to purchasing premium equipment. So, you should also look towards options like Sage when you’re going all out on the equipment. There have been a ton of queries on the performance of TFO Axiom recently. While this rod is better than the majority of models from TFO, anglers are still not too sure about spending money on this option. Here are some reviews if you were also thinking of making a purchase on the TFO Axiom fly rod.

TFO Axiom Fly Rod Reviews

TFO Axiom is a mid-tier fly rod that brings casting accuracy and performance when you’re fishing at shorter distances. It is not that popular when it comes to distance casting, and many users have complained about the power brought forward by the TFO Axiom model. So, if you’re someone who prefers heavier units for longer casts, going with an Axiom fly rod will not fit your requirements. It lacks the accuracy that defines the final fishing results, and you should go with premium options by extending your budget by a few hundred dollars.

However, that doesn’t mean that this rod is completely useless and can’t be used by anglers. If you’re just getting into fishing and need an entry-level rod with medium action, then it is the perfect starting point. Every angler knows that getting used to quicker rod action can be next to impossible when you’re a novice. So, starting with a medium action rod like Axiom from TFO presents a nice value for this market segment.

This rod really shines when you’re sticking with a distance of under 40 ft. It will provide perfect accuracy, and you won’t feel any strain on your hands because of its lighter weight. If your fishing region matches this performance, then there isn’t a better rod when you’re browsing through the options within the same price point. So, it is not a versatile unit, and you need specific water conditions to get the desired performance from TFO Axiom.

As far as the cast over middle distances is concerned, the performance is not that exceptional. Even if you’re experienced and have decent control over the rod action, going with Axiom won’t serve you with any additional accuracy benefits. It can be described as mediocre when you’re targeting middle to long distances. So, keep that in mind if you’re looking for a rod that performs well over longer distances.

Overall, TFO Axiom is a mid-tier unit that has no performance issues when you’re sticking with shorter distances. It is designed for comfort and brings a lightweight. So, if you like to go on extended fishing trips, you won’t feel any strain even after weeks of use. On top of that, the price point for this rod is not too much, and you can get a decent deal when you’re browsing second-hand markets like eBay.

How Does It Compare To BVK?

While BVK might be the older model, the performance of this model is considered superior to Axiom when you’re talking power and weight behind the swing. The BVK lineup from this brand is much more robust and brings a ton of improvement when it comes to the better reel seat and an aggressive handle. So, if you’re looking for something to cast heavier flies and better manage fishing lines, then going with BVK is the best bet for you.

The TFO Axiom Fly rod doesn’t even come close to the value that you will enjoy from the BVK. So, instead of spending the extra budget on Axiom, you should go with the cheaper option and include BVK in your fishing system. The value from this rod will serve you for years, and you won’t have to upgrade to a better unit any time soon. On the other hand, if you like the feel of the Axiom fly rod in your hands, then there is no harm in choosing it over the BVK. In the end, it all comes down to the rod that feels better in your hands.

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