TFO Pro Special Fly Rod Review

tfo pro special fly rod review
tfo pro special fly rod review

While there are many brands that offer mid-range fly rods to the users, there are only a few names like Orvis that differentiate themselves with superior performance. Even though you can spend a thousand dollars to get a phenomenal unit from Sage, there are a ton of mid-range options that will last you for decades. So, if you don’t have a thousand dollars to spend on a new unit, going with TFO might just be the right option for you. When it comes to brands like TFO, the market is pretty divided, with anglers being skeptical about the performance of most of these rods. However, this brand outperformed itself with the TFO Pro Special fly rod, which we will be sharing a review for today.

TFO Pro Special Fly Rod Review

When you look at the price point, you can’t really go wrong with this purchase. It will cost you under a hundred dollars, depending upon the availability of the dealer. This price point is pretty decent, which makes the TFO Pro Special Fly rod a great option for beginners. Even though there is nothing exceptional about the performance of this rod, it is more than enough for an entry-level unit. The only complaint that anglers had about this rod was the reel locks. Other than that, this unit is pretty good and will work for years until you’re ready for an upgrade.

The main selling point for this rod was the affordable price. TFO made sure to keep the pricing minimum while offering a consistent quality to the anglers. So, you will benefit from a great unit that offers years of performance and utility to the users. This rod performs well at short to mid ranges, and you shouldn’t expect much when it comes to distance casting. Moreover, the accuracy is pretty great when you’re sticking to mid-range.

As far as the rod action is concerned, it is slow, and you will have plenty of control over the rod. The slower rod action is forgiving for beginners as they can easily adjust the technique to get more control over the line. For this reason, TFO Pro special is the perfect choice if you’re not that good at managing rods with faster action.

Even though you can get much better rods by increasing the budget by a small margin, this rod is not a bad purchase. You can get some pretty good fishing results, and there is no harm in going with this purchase if it feels good in your hands. So, test out a few casts, and choose this fly rod if you feel comfortable while using it.

Overall, TFO Pro Special Fly Rod will serve you for years when you’re first getting into fly fishing. Its performance is pretty great, and the fly rod has a slow action that will help you develop your technique. So, even if it is the perfect starter stick, and once you’re experienced with the fly rod, you can switch to a better brand like Redington or Echo until you save money for premium rods from Sage or Scott.

How Does This Compare To Orvis Encounter?

There might be a bit of difference when it comes to the price point, but the performance of Orvis Encounter more than justified this jump in the price point. Orvis has dominated the budget fly rod market for decades, and you won’t find a better brand if you’re getting into fishing. The rod action brought forward by this rod might be a bit fast, but the lighter weight of the Orvis rods makes it perfect for beginners. So, there is no comparison between these two rods, and Orvis will always come out as the superior option.

On the other hand, if you can’t go over the 100-dollar price range, then testing out TFO is not a bad choice. There is a possibility that the TFO Pro Special feels nicer in your hands, and you’ll be able to develop your technique easily on this rod. So, make sure to demo both of these rods to get a better idea of which rod feels better in your hands. That way, you won’t have to worry about wasting your money on a bad fly rod.

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