Tokyo Rig vs Drop Shot- Which One Is Better?

tokyo rig vs drop shot
tokyo rig vs drop shot

To increase the chances of catching bass with your soft bait, you can add a scent to the bait, and it will substantially increase your success rate. However, hooking this bait to your rig correctly will determine the efficiency of your fishing trip. So, make sure to get some tips from your local experts. They’ll help you figure out what method works perfectly for the fish in your region. That way, it won’t be that difficult to catch more bait while spending the same amount of time on the water. Recently, some anglers have been asking about the different aspects of a Tokyo rig vs Drop Shot. So, if you’re also unsure about either one of these rigs, follow the information provided below.

Main Differences Between Tokyo Rig vs Drop Shot

Tokyo Rig

This rig mainly relies on the use of soft plastic bait and brings a versatile experience to the anglers. With that said, you are free to use a different types of reels on this rig. This will help maintain the efficiency of your fishing trip. It can be considered a mix between the drop shot and the Texas rig. Many people are stunned by the efficiency of this rig and rely on it most of the time while trying to catch bass.

As compared to the Drop Shot rig, the Tokyo rig brings a direct connection of the soft plastic with the main structure. This increased area of contact enhances the control of anglers over the versatility of this rig. Overall, many people consider the Tokyo rig to be superior to the Drop Shot rig because there are more methods available on how to utilize this rig best.

The best thing about this rig is that you can easily scale up or down the weight of the dropper. This is to accommodate different environmental conditions. So, if you’re not getting sufficient results with a particular weight design, try switching to a different weight on your dropper as per the changing environment. If you’re unsure of how to change the weight or what to aim for, you should refer to an expert immediately, and he will help you with a better understating of the process.

Over the years, this rig has gained a good reputation among anglers because of the exceptional results. With that said, a Tokyo rig is basically a drop shot rig that doesn’t have a long leader. Other than that, you can achieve some great results while using this rig. You can also create it yourself if you are experienced enough.

Drop Shot

The primary difference between the Drop Shot and the Tokyo rig is that you have a minimum length of the leader on a Tokyo rig. You also have an additional swivel and can be more flexible depending upon the different environmental conditions. Because of the long leader in the Drop Shot rig, you will find that this rig floats a bit higher from the bottom of the surface. Even though it doesn’t bring as much versatility to the table, you can achieve amazing results with this rig.

All that you have to focus on is your technique, and you will transform the efficiency of your fishing trip. However, if you’re a beginner and don’t know much about rigs, then a Tokyo rig might be a better option. There is nothing special about the Tokyo rig, but beginners seem to perform better while using this rig. So, if you’re struggling with catching bass for a few days, switching up the rig might be a better option for you.

The hooking technique for the Dop Shot rig is also a bit different. With this, you have minimal contact with the hook with the bait. While on the other hand, the bait is closer to the main structure of the rig. As a result, it yields more effective results. The Drop Shot rig is larger in size and can be harder to manage for beginners. So, if you’re not confident in your skills, sticking to a Tokyo Rig might be the perfect option for you.

In the end, it all depends on your technique and experience. If you are aware of what you’re doing, it won’t be that difficult to achieve satisfying results on either one of these rigs. Both are quite effective and bring a substantial increase in the overall efficiency of your fishing trip.

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