Walleye vs Cod – Which Fish Is Better To Eat?

Walleye vs Cod
Walleye vs Cod

Even though fishes are from different families, you will notice many similarities in the texture of their meat and flavor. So, it helps to know what alternatives you can look for if you can’t get your hands on a particular type. From origin to the type of habitat, there are many differences that you can look towards while pointing out differences between different kinds of fish.

For a better understanding, we will be covering some aspects of Walleye vs Cod. Both of these fish are known for their unique yet somewhat similar flavor. So, if you’re thinking of substituting one fish for the other, this information is for you.

Walleye vs Cod


Being a member of the perch family, Walleye brings a uniquely sweet flavor to the table. Just like the Cod, you won’t get an intense fishy smell or taste as long as the Walleye is fresh. Make sure to refer to a reliable supplier to maximize the nutritional benefits of Walleye. It has a moist texture and offers thick fillets that can be added to your recipe. Even if your recipe requires a mild-flavored fish, a Walleye will suit you perfectly. As long as you know what you’re doing, you can mask the subtle flavor brought by this fish.

The size of both fish is somewhat comparable, and you won’t find much difference there. However, you will notice that the dorsal fin on a Walleye is spiny, and there are no scales that cover its cheeks. This fish is available in freshwater only, while you can find Cod in freshwater or saltwater. This quality makes it easier to set apart a Walleye from a Cod when compared side by side with each other.

Just like Cod, Walleye is a typical fish and is widely used in households worldwide. The nutrition content is also quite similar, with Walleye offering more protein and phosphorus to the anglers. On the other hand, a Cod brings an abundance of potassium and sodium per standard serving size. So, depending upon the needs of your body, both of these fish can provide you with a unique balance in your diet.

However, it shouldn’t be a problem to substitute one fish for the other. The difference in the nutrient content is not substantial enough to go through the extra trouble of getting a Cod over the Walleye. Instead, you should look towards the fresher fish and bring the same nutritional benefits to the table.


With many types of Cod sold in the market, it is quite a common fish because of its nutritional benefits. Unlike the Walleye, you can find this fish in saltwater as it feeds on various invertebrates. Compared to Walleye, Cod has a mild flavor and can easily be a part of your dish without much impact on the taste. This fish is quite beginner-friendly and offers a firm and lean texture. It can be cooked in a number of ways, and you’re free to get as creative as you’d like with Cod.

Aside from this, you will also notice that catching Cod can be pretty difficult. That is why there are such high price tags on the market. So, if you’re into fishing, it is better to go and catch a Cod yourself than trying to buy one from the market. Another benefit of this activity is that you will ensure that the fish is from a safe environment. That way, it will bring maximum health benefits to the table without you having to worry about toxins and other contaminants affecting the fish meat.

Moving towards nutrition, Cod offers more vitamins and less fatty acids when compared with a Walleye. On top of that, it provides more magnesium and sodium to the consumers. This is the primary reason why Cod is so famous among people into fitness. Similarly, Walleye brings more proteins and food energy compared to a Cod. With that said, the difference is not substantial enough to change your purchase decision.

The best practice is to try fish for yourself and experiment with the meat that better suits your taste. That way, it will be easier to adjust to your new diet. On the last note, make sure to consult a certified professional if you’re suffering from a unique condition.

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