Winter Flounder Fishing Tips (Everything To Know!)

winter flounder fishing tips
winter flounder fishing tips

The winter flounder is a famous variety that is also often known as the black back. These live approximately 15 to 18 years which is generally a long time compared to other varieties.

The variety is also sustainable and considered to be a very smart seafood choice.

Winter flounder has an oval-shaped thick body with a small head and eyes on the right side. The fish has a color that varies and ranges from brown and muddy to slightly reddish.

The colors can also be olive, and dark slate, and the upper side is usually black.

The winter flounder usually spawn in winter and sometimes in spring preferring shallow waters. they usually grow up to 23 inches (60 centimeters) in length.

While the variety is amazing, people trying to catch them can run into some problems with them.

Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of fishing tips for winter flounder.

Going through it should help you in understanding how the variety can be caught as well as how you can avoid issues.

Winter Flounder Fishing Tips

Winter flounder are generally considered to be some of the best varieties that people can catch.

This is because these fish lay about 500,000 to 1.5 million eggs during their reproduction phase. On top of this, the meat found in the variety is generally one of the healthiest lean meats that you can go with.

These factors make winter flounder one of the most sought varieties when fishing. Though, an important thing that should be considered is that every fish has its unique characteristics.

As long as you keep this in mind, catching varieties like winter flounder should be a lot easier.

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A general rule of thumb when looking for these fish is to start your fishing trip in the early mornings. This is because the visibility is much better, and the weather is still cold.

You should note that sunny days that have a bright sun are another great time to hunt for these varieties.

The main reason behind this is that the heat of the sun reaches the fish, causing them to move around. This makes it easier for people to spot them and then throw their bait.

Keep in mind that there are still some issues that you can run into as winter flounder rely on heavy tides.

If there is a lot of wind while you are fishing, then the variety will quickly change its spot. This makes it difficult for people to catch them as they have to move constantly.

To avoid this hassle, it is recommended that you wait for sunny days that have a clear blue sky.

The lack of wind during warmer days is the ideal time to hunt for winter flounder.

With that being said, the equipment that you are using, as well as your location also plays a huge role when hunting varieties like this. Moreover, several fishing techniques can be used to catch these fish.


The best way to increase your chances of being successful is to find a technique that suits your style.

Any method that you are comfortable with should make your chances of success higher. On top of this, make sure that the line and rod you are using are durable enough to pull the variety.

Throwing your hook down to 10- to 15-foot depths should be ideal when attracting winter flounders.

However, the bait being used is another important factor that should be kept in mind here. Small pieces of clam, mussels, and bloodworm all work great as these are preferred bait for flounders.

These are also generally easier to purchase and can be quite cheap. Hence, people should remember to keep a lot of this bait with them while they are fishing.

With that being said, users going through the information provided above should be able to catch these varieties easily.

Keep in mind that catching these fish can usually take some time and practice. This is why it is recommended that you take your time and learn different techniques.

You should then be able to catch winter flounders easily. The first catch is usually the hardest, so it is important to keep that in mind.

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