How To Fish For Sturgeon From The Bank? (Explained)

how to fish for sturgeon from the bank
how to fish for sturgeon from the bank

Sturgeon is the unique name used for the 27 species of fishes that belongs to the Acipenseridae family. These are usually found in the northern hemisphere where the fish roam around at lower levels of the sea.

Sturgeon fish has a long, spindle-like body and bony plates that are called scutes.

These cover the sturgeon’s head, and there are five longitudinal rows of scutes along the sturgeon’s body.

These fishes have very smooth and scaleless skin. The fin on its tail is very distinctive as its upper lobe is longer compared to the lower lobe.

The sturgeon fish digest very slowly, thus they can easily stay without eating for a few weeks. You should note that the variety is often hunted down for its delicious meat. Though, large varieties like these can be a little tricky to catch.

This is why people often ask, “How to fish for sturgeon from the bank?”. If the same question has crossed your mind, then going through this article should help you in finding some steps that can help you out.

Make sure that you go through these carefully to avoid further problems.

How To Fish For Sturgeon From The Bank?

Bank fishing is a technique used to catch fish that roam around the coastlines or beaches. When it comes to sturgeons, you should note that the variety is a bottom feeder.

Though, it can still be possible to catch these varieties from the bank if you are careful.

Several factors should be kept in mind, all of which play a huge role in your success.


These should be provided in the steps mentioned below which is why you must follow them. With that being said, here is a simple guide on how you can fish for sturgeon from the bank.

  • The first thing people need to do is find the location where they will be fishing at. When fishing from the bank, users need to ensure that they find a spot that allows this activity. This is essential as you can get kicked out of the area if they don’t allow fishing.
  • You can now start searching for spots that have sightings of sturgeon roaming around. The fish usually spend their lives feeding near river deltas, but these areas cannot be used when bank fishing. This is why make sure that you spend your time trying to finalize the spot.
  • Sturgeons usually start moving around and come near the coastlines once they are ready to spawn. This is the best time to catch these fish from the bank. Considering this, your fishing trip must be planned during seasons when the variety might be spawning.
  • People can now start preparing the equipment that will be used to catch the variety. Sturgeons are generally larger fish that can easily break weaker lines and hooks. This is why making sure that your equipment is durable can be important.
  • Different types of rods and hooks can be used but choosing between them can be a little tricky. The best way to purchase these tools is by considering what your requirements are while also keeping your personal preferences in mind.
  • You can now start deciding what type of bait will be used to attract these fish. Baitfish and nightcrawlers are both great lures for sturgeons and these can even be used together. Though, keeping a quantity of the bait with you can be important as these can easily come off.
  • After taking care of all the steps mentioned above, people can start their fishing trip. Keep in mind that the time of day also plays a huge role in your performance. Daytime can be much better as there is a higher level of visibility.
  • You can usually throw your bait and start waiting until you notice a bite. The great thing about bank fishing is how relaxing it can be. People can use a rod stand to keep their equipment in place while they lie down at the beach.

Sturgeon catch

The steps mentioned above are usually enough the find the variety without any issues.

Though, if you are having trouble trying to find sturgeon then try moving around a little. Changing your spot can often allow you to find varieties even if they were hiding.

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