Hake Fish vs Haddock (Comparison With Table)

hake fish vs haddock
hake fish vs haddock

Fish are aquatic creatures that are mostly found roaming around in bodies of water. This includes different seas, rivers, streams, and even lakes.

Though, people should note that numerous varieties can be caught and each of these species comes with unique characteristics.

Depending on the variety you are looking for there might be some reasons behind its popularity.

Some fish are caught because they are game fish while others are hunted down for their meat. Keeping variety in mind can be essential so that you can catch these fish easily without many issues.

Talking about this, hake fish and haddock are two of the most popular varieties that can be caught. Both of these are amazing but there are also some similarities between them.

This is mainly why people will notice the varieties getting compared with each other.

In some cases, fishermen can even get confused between the different fish. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between them.

Going through it should help you in understanding how the fish are different from each other.

Hake Fish vs Haddock

Type Of Fish Hake Fish Haddock Fish
Body Color Green-Brown Shade Dark Grey Color
Body Size Bigger In Size Smaller In Size
Front Dorsal Fin Rounded Dorsal Fins Pointed and Tall Dorsal Fins
Shape Of Fish Round Shape Slim Shape
Lateral Line Light Shade Dark Shade

Hake Fish

The term hake is used to describe fish from specific families found in the southern and northern oceans.

There are generally different types of the variety but the main thing to note about them is that these are from the cod family. Hake fish have about 12 species that exhibit unique characteristics.

Usually, the taste of the fish varies depending on their variety however it can generally be noted that hake fish has a mild taste.

hake fish

Their texture is also quite soft when compared with most cod which makes these fish an amazing option to catch. Not only this but the meat is also quite healthy.

The nutritional values of the meat are high as the variety has both high nutrients as well as tons of vitamins.

The protein and omega-3 oil content make this one of the healthiest varieties to add to your diet. On top of this, the meat is easy to cook, and it can be used in tons of recipes.

People often use hake as an alternative to cod and haddock. The main reason behind this is that the taste is usually similar.

Aside from this, when trying to catch these fish, people should note that hake fish swim 1000 meters deep.

The variety can come up depending on the weather, but their depth usually makes it harder for fishermen to catch them.

This is why you must come prepared when trying to hunt these fish. Having a long line and bait that will attract the variety should help you out in most cases.

The appearance of the fish is often compared to cod and haddock as these look quite similar.


Although, you should note that several things can be kept in mind. The first thing to note is that hake fish usually have a green-brown shade on their skin.

The body color is lighter when compared with other similar varieties.

On top of this, these fish have a larger size and round shape that helps most people when trying to identify the species. The lateral line on the fish also has a light shade but this can vary depending on the species.

In most cases, the information provided above is enough for people to distinguish hake fish from other varieties.

Though, if you are still having trouble then you should try comparing hake fish with haddock by putting them side-by-side.

This helps people easily notice how the varieties are different from each other.

Haddock Fish

The haddock is a ray-finned fish that is mostly found roaming around in saltwater. The variety is from the family Gadidae which is considered to be the “True cods”.

Talking about this, you can see why the variety is often compared with hake and other species of cods.

Hake is also sometimes referred to as a “Poor man’s haddock”. The main reason behind this is that both varieties are quite similar, but the meat found on haddock is considered to be better.

On top of this, hake can be harder to catch as these swim at deeper levels.


Hence, hake is less known while the quality of both varieties is similar.

Now that you understand this, it is important that you also note some distinct characteristics of haddock. The fish is usually slimmer when compared with the hake and has a darker shade.

This makes it easier for people to tell the varieties apart. Getting to the meat, hake is usually milder and tender when compared with haddock.

This means that hake should be the better option, but you should note that a mild taste is often disliked by people.

Additionally, the low availability of hake makes the price of these fish higher.

This is why people mostly go for haddock as it is much cheaper and widely available while having a similar taste. The cooking methods required for both of these varieties are similar as well.

This is mainly why the meat from either one of the varieties can be used as a substitute.

haddock fish

Talking about the nutritional value of haddock, people should note that these are also similar. Haddock is rich in nutrients and proteins which makes the fillets a great addition to your diet.

Though, it is recommended that you keep the quantity of meat under control.

The concentration of mercury is also lower in both of these varieties which helps people in staying worry-free when eating their meat.

Finally, people going through the article should understand how these varieties are different.

As mentioned above, comparing these side-by-side is the best way to distinguish them.

Although, if you were wondering which out of the two varieties should be caught then haddock is clearly the better option. This is because these fish are much easier to find and reel in in comparison.

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