Why Does My Braided Line Keep Breaking? – 3 Reasons

why does my braided line keep breaking
why does my braided line keep breaking

Braided lines are one of the top options for anglers that are looking for exceptional performance from their unit. If you purchase these braided lines from the right brand, then it won’t be too difficult to manage the durability of your unit. With that said, if you’re not aware of some of the more common brands in the market, then asking other anglers is a good option. Recently a lot of anglers have mentioned issues with their braided lines breaking. If you’re also confused about why your braided line keeps breaking, then the following list of reasons would give you a better perspective.

Why Does My Braided Line Keep Breaking?

1. Thin Braids

One of the main reasons why your braided line keeps breaking is that you are using a braid that doesn’t hold up to a 20 lb. test. Even though these braided lines are quite powerful as you’re trying to fight a fish, they can break rather easily on the cast. So, if you didn’t purchase a high-strength braided line for your fishing setup, then that is likely why it keeps breaking.

Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about this problem. All you can do is switch brands or choose a heavier variant that brings more power to the unit. That way, you can be free while trying to cast the lure on the water. It is true that the casting techniques do play a role in the breaking of braided lines, but you should always start by checking the diameter.

With that said, a 20 lb. test is a good option for users that are struggling to manage the integrity of their braided lines. So, if your braided line does not pass this test, switch to a stronger variant or go for a brand that is popular for its durability.

2. Rod Guides

If you’re sure that you’ve purchased a braided line that passed the 20 lb. test, then the issues with your braided lines breaking might be related to rod guides. In many situations, anglers have pointed out that their rod guides were damaged, and the uneven sections on the rod guides damaged the braided line over time. So, if you’re positive that the problem is not related to the strength of the braided line, checking the rod guides is your next best option.

To start, you should grab a piece of cotton or cloth and run it through the rod guides. If the rod guides are not perfect, then the cotton or cloth will tear away or stick to the middle section of the guides. In this situation, your best bet is to take your rod to the nearest equipment store and have it checked by an expert.

Depending upon the severity of the issue, there is a chance that you won’t have to bother with purchasing a new rod. The experts working at the equipment store will fix the rod guides through DIY methods. So, make sure to have the rod guides checked by an expert before trying to fix it yourself.

3. Overpowered Cast

Even though the choice of the braided line makes the most difference, there have been quite a few reports where anglers broke some of the most reliable braided lines because of the overpowered cast. So, if you’re in a similar situation, then you should try to learn the proper casting technique from an expert. Your main focus while casting should be on maximizing smoothness while also easing into the rod action.

On the other hand, if you try to put too much power in the cast and your braided line is barely above the 20 lb. limit, then you will end up breaking braided lines again and again. So, you should reach out to local experts and explain the issue to them. It will take a few tries, but you will get the hang of proper casting techniques within a few days.

All in all, these three reasons can cause your braided line to break when you’re fishing. Most of the time, the issue will be related to the quality of the braided line and the integrity of your fishing equipment. But if you’re sure that there is nothing wrong with either of these things, then you should check your casting technique.

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