St Croix Premier vs Avid – Which Suits You?

st croix premier vs avid
st croix premier vs avid

With thousands of fishing rods on the market, it is hard to find an option that brings an ideal value for the price point. There are several brands that offer phenomenal fishing rods to the anglers, but the price point is just too high for an average customer. So, if you’re not setting on a thousand-dollar budget for a new fishing rod, then it is a better idea to stick with more affordable brands like St Croix for your fishing trip. Usually, anglers tend to stick with either the Premier series or Avid models from St Croix for their fishing system. Both of these series are pretty great, and the pricing difference is not that significant for most anglers. So, let’s cover a few specifics on these rods.

St Croix Premier vs Avid

St Croix Premier 

The St Croix Premier series is more popular because of its wide variety and a bit cheaper price tag. Anglers across the nation make use of Premier models for their weekly trips. So, if you’re on a static budget and need to save some money for a decent reel, then going with St Croix Premier is the better choice. Instead of looking at the rod in isolation, you should consider the whole setup and pair the rod with a good real for better performance.

The basic differences between St Croix Premier and Avid series are that the Premier series is a bit heavier and harder to handle for beginners. You will get a limited warranty with the Premier model, and the sensitivity of this rod can’t compete with Avid. So, if you’re looking at the comprehensive quality package, Avid will always come out as the top option between Avid and Premier.

As far as the basic feel for the rod is concerned, anglers have pointed out that the minimal difference in the quality of the Avid rod does not justify the 80-dollar increase in their prices. So, even though you will be enjoying a better experience with the Avid series, the increased price is just not worth it for the majority of anglers.

Overall, Premier is the more popular choice because of its affordable price, and the feel of the rod is not too stiff. Even though it is heavier than Avid, it will only take you a few weeks to get used to the new rod. However, if the pricing is not an issue and you have a good reel lined up for the rod, then going with Avid is almost always the better choice.

St Croix Avid

With premium-quality graphite and superb strength, this lighter rod outperforms Premier in every aspect. While the lighter weight of this rod might make anglers believe this to be a fragile unit, it is far stronger than the Premier series. However, the final difference in the performance can vary depending upon the models you’re purchasing from both series. So, there are some models from the St Croix Premier series that can outperform Avid models. For this reason, the final decision should be made after testing the models yourself.

Generally, the Avid series from St Croix is regarded as better, lighter, more durable, and easier to handle the device. So, if the 80-dollar increment in the price of this unit doesn’t bother you, it will help you with a better and more comfortable fishing existence. The only deciding factor here is the price difference between the two rods.

If you’re not sitting on a good reel and need to save some money on a quality option, then it is smarter to go with Premier. A good reel paired up with the Premier rod can always outperform Avid paired up with a bad reel. So, instead of only considering the rod action and the lighter weight, you should account for the whole system. Otherwise, you won’t get any performance even if you go with the Avid models.

Overall, Avid is the superior option when you compare it with Premier options side to side. The better handling of this unit can be attributed to the lighter weight, increased durability, and high sensitivity. You won’t have to worry about poor casting performance, and the rod is pretty comfortable to use for hours. So, if budget isn’t an issue for you, going with Avid is the smarter choice.

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