St Croix Premier Musky Rod Reviews – Is It Good?

st croix premier musky rod reviews
st croix premier musky rod reviews

When you’re looking at a musky rod, there is no point in going with a fragile unit. The durability of the rod should be your primary concern, as the rod will take a lot of abuse as you’re trying to consistently match the rougher fishing conditions. So, looking for a cheap unit will only have a negative impact on the fishing experience, and you will end up wasting time and money on a unit that will have to be replaced in a few months. One of the options that stand out in the current market is the St Croix Premier Musky Rod. It has the ideal strength and the build to be classified as the perfect musky rod. So, let’s go over a few specifics on this rod.

St Croix Premier Musky Rod Reviews

St Croix Premier Musky Rod might not be the cheapest rod in the market, but it is second to none in terms of durability and performance. This rod is pretty popular in the community for its perfect balance between pricing and quality. The price tag on this unit is justified by the heavy power and the fast action. You can stick with a lure weight of three to eight ounces while using a line of up to 80 lb. So, even if you’re planning on taking the rod in demanding fishing conditions, St Croix Premier Musky Rod will serve you for years.

The cork handle is pretty comfortable, and you won’t have any issues maintaining a strong grip while using this rod. It won’t put any extra strain, and you’ll be able to enjoy the fishing trip for years. So, if you’re a fan of fast-action rods, there isn’t a better option available in the market. However, you will still need a bit of experience to get used to the heavier power output through this rod.

It might not be the perfect rod for novice anglers, but you will notice that many experts switch to this option for a better and more consistent fishing experience. So, if you have a bit of experience under your belt, it shouldn’t take you more than a few weeks to get used to the heavier power brought forward by this rod.

So far, the market sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive, and you won’t find any angler with bad opinions on this musky rod. Owners have been more than fully satisfied with the performance and the durable build of this rod. So, if you’re looking for top performance and the price point is not that big of an issue, then spending a few hundred dollars on St Croix will serve you for years.

Overall, the St Croix Premier Musky Rod is nothing short of an exceptional unit that is known for years of consistent performance and amazing fishing results. You won’t find a better option in the current market while sticking to the same price range. The pricing on this rod is not too expensive, and everything about the St Croix Premier Musky rod is just perfect. So, it is a smart decision to go with this rod if you’re looking for a rod that can last you for years.

How Does It Compare To Okuma EVX?

While Okuma is a more popular brand in the market, its EVX model can’t compete with St Croix Premier Musky rod. It is pretty common to see anglers comparing these units on the online forums, but the majority of users prefer to go with St Croix Premier for a better experience. The Okuma EVX is too long and way harder to handle when you compare it with the 8ft Premier. On top of that, the cork grip is also superior on St Croix Premier Musky Rod.

The only thing that is better about Okuma EVX is the gear ratio. Other than that, St Croix will always take the lead when you’re looking for better-quality musky rods for your fishing trip. To get a better understanding, you should test out both rods for yourself. Personal preferences can play a huge role when you’re finding the perfect rod. So, if the St Croix Premier Musky rod seems a bit short to you, then switching to Okuma EVX might just be the thing you need to complete the system.

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