What Is Mooching Fishing? (Explained)

what is mooching fishing
what is mooching fishing

With the improvements in the outboard motors and fishing accessories, it has become effortless for anglers to optimize their fishing experience. Even with the larger boats, you won’t have to worry about power from the motor. So, you won’t have a hard time mooching for salmon as long as you have decent outboard and fishing equipment. This technique originates from rowboats that drifted freely without any input from the motor. However, more anglers are moving towards the use of powerful motors to replicate the free-drifting movement on bigger boats. So, you won’t necessarily have to stick to rowboats for mooching. The following details will further improve your perspective on Mooching fishing.

What Is Mooching Fishing?

It is known as one of the most exciting and interactive fishing styles where you will be moving around the boat doing everything from casting the bait to setting the hook and feeling for bites. This method might seem a bit complicated at first, but you will have complete control over the movement of the bait and the traveling speed. Even though some users believe that you need specialized equipment for mooching fishing, that is not actually the case. You can mooch for your salmon with your current setup as long as it can handle larger baits and sinkers.

Some anglers have also mentioned better fishing results with spinning tackle, but you can still use a conventional reel if you’re currently short on budget. The only complicated step that is involved in mooching is detecting the light pecks on the line. Having a sensitive rod and line combo will make it easier to detect bits, and the fishing experience will be way more thrilling with this technique.

Currently, mooching is more popular than trolling when it comes to catching salmon. You will have to put some time into finding the right depth with your bait and testing out the tension in the line but other than that, there is nothing complicated about mooching. It is far better than conventional trolling, and if you have a large boat, mooching is a great use of the extra space.

If you’re still a novice and don’t know much about mooching, then the best way to learn is by spending some time with local experts. It can take a long time to learn everything on your own, and a few weeks with an expert will help you get ahead of the learning curve. So, if you’re interested in getting better fishing results with mooching, then approach local anglers.

To Conclude

Mooching fishing is a great fishing style that gives anglers more control over the fishing experience. You will have to control everything from the casting distance to the traveling speed of the bait while free-drifting with your outboard. This method is primarily used for salmon fishing, and the only complicated step is keeping track of light pecks on the line.

Many anglers have struggled with bite detection because of heavier equipment with low sensitivity. So, if you’re also struggling from a similar situation, then it is not a bad idea to put some money into a better rod and line.

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