Echo Boost Fly Rod Review – Is It Good?

echo boost fly rod review
echo boost fly rod review

Going with a fast-action fly rod is not always a smart choice. It can be pretty challenging for beginners to get used to the faster action when they don’t have any experience under their belt. The fast action rods are not forgiving and require increased control from the anglers. So, it might be tempting to go with a faster rod, but you’re much better off with medium-action rods that can help you develop your style.
When you get a fair bit of experience, then you can switch to brands like Echo fly. Anglers often prefer to upgrade to the Echo Boost fly rod when they are ready for a fast action option, which is why we are sharing this review to help them make a purchase decision.

Echo Boost Fly Rod Review

With a variety of freshwater and saltwater variants, you will get an amazing charcoal finish with the Echo Boost fly rod. Most anglers go with this option because it presents a better price point when compared with brands like Sage and Scott. So, if you’re not that sold on spending close to a thousand dollars on a robust saltwater rod from Sage, then going with Echo Boost is the next best thing.

Aside from the great presentation of this rod, you will get an ultra-fast action with titanium stripping guides. These guides blend in perfectly with the premium wraps and corrosion-resistant structure of this rod. Depending upon the variant you purchase from the dealer, you will enjoy a carbon reel seat that brings lighter weight but phenomenal durability to the rod.

Echo focus on finding the ideal balance between the lighter weight and robust structure of this lineup. While the lower-priced rods often bring more weight with the increased durability, that is not the case with Echo Boost. You will be able to comfortably use this rod for hours even while casting heavier flies. So, if weight is a huge concern for you, then going with Echo Boost might just eliminate this issue for you.

The warranty and the dealer support from this brand are also no joke. In case of any damages or defects to the rod, users enjoy a lifetime warranty. Echo will fix the rods or provide them with fresh replacements for any and all defects with the system. A minimal fee is also charged to the customers, but the quality of repairs more than justifies this minimal fee. So, you won’t have to worry about running into issues with the Echo Boost because of their exceptional repair services and dealer support.

Overall, Echo Boost is a mid-tier fast action rod that is the perfect upgrade for anglers sticking with a smaller budget. You won’t have to spend a huge amount of money for this purchase, and the performance of this rod is well worth the 250-dollar price range. For this reason, you should give this rod a try, and if it feels good in your hands, there is no need to switch to premium brands like Sage and Scott for the next few years.

How Does It Compare To Orvis Clearwater?

Everyone in the community is aware that Orvis is one of the best brands when you’re sticking with the mid to low price range. The Orvis Clearwater fly rod is the go-to when it comes to decent fishing, and the combo kit can even be bought within the 150-dollar price range. So, you will get decent performance while also sticking with a lower price point when comparing Orvis Clearwater with Echo Boost. However, if you’re strictly talking performance, then Echo Boost will take the lead with better rod action and casting accuracy.

Even though Orvis Clearwater is pretty easy to handle, anglers have said nothing but good things about the utility brought forward by Echo Boost. So, you should give both rods a try and test out their performance side to side. The chances are that the Echo Boost will better fit your hands if you’re looking for a light and quick rod with a softer tip. Moreover, the presentation and the finish on Echo boost are much superior to Orvis clearwater. For this reason, it is a smarter idea to go with Echo Boost if you’re comfortable with the price point.

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