Sage XP vs VXP – Which Model Is Better?

sage xp vs vxp
sage xp vs vxp

When you’re talking about premium brands in the market, Sage will always be a part of the conversation. Even though the pricing point offered by this brand is well beyond the budget of most anglers, you won’t find a better brand when it comes to quality. So, if you’ve been fishing for a while and need a phenomenal fishing rod that can perform under heavy load, then Sage is the brand for you. The Sage XP and VXP are two of the most famous models from Sage, and it is pretty common to see anglers talk about these options. According to experts, you can’t go wrong with either rod, and you should purchase the option that feels better in your hands. So, here are some specifics on Sage XP vs VXP.

Sage XP vs VXP Main Differences

Sage XP

The Sage XP is arguably one of the most famous fishing rods on the market, and you will find many experts talking about the phenomenal sensitivity of this model. Anglers have described this rod as an extension of their bodies, and the control offered by Sage XP is second to none. So, when you’re talking popularity, the standard version of Sage XP will always take the lead over the Sage VXP.

Sage XP is a bit stiffer than that VXP, and there are massive differences between the performance of both rods. While there are a few fans of the softer style brought forward by VXP, the majority of anglers are disappointed in the performance of VXP. So, you will often see anglers talking badly about the Sage VXP on the community forums.

As far as rod action is concerned, Sage XP is much better and better suited for experts. You will need a bit of experience under your belt to make use of this stiffer unit. It is pretty easy to generate power through this rod, and many experts eventually switch to Sage XP to maximize the efficiency of their fishing system.

Overall, Sage XP can be described as an absolute unit that has maintained a stable spot in the market for years. It is hard to find an expert that has something bad to say about Sage XP. So, if you’re able to get your hands on a Sage XP in decent condition, then it will serve you for years. Even though it might take some time to get used to the rod, you won’t be able to find a better option in the market.

Sage VXP

The only reason why you’ll find some anglers saying bad things about the Sage VXP is that customers expect the same feel and casting performance as Sage XP from this model. Both of these rods are pretty different in build quality and different target segments in the market. So, even though this rod is pretty great for intermediate anglers who require a slower rod action, you’ll find many dissatisfied customers when browsing the community forums.

Sage VXP is more forgiving to the anglers and brings deeper loading to the users. It can help you develop your fishing technique without being too harsh on your hands. So, if you’re still learning the basics and are not yet ready for a stiffer and more powerful rod, going with Sage VXP is not a bad choice.

It is true that Sage XP is a pretty phenomenal fishing rod and exceeds the performance brought forward by Sage VXP, but the skill of anglers has a huge role to play in the final efficiency. There is no point in going with Sage XP if you can’t handle the rod action and the stiffer structure feels heavier on your hands. So, in the end, the only real way to decide between these two options is to test them yourself.

Overall, Sage VXP is not a bad choice, and there are a ton of anglers who have said good things about the softer rod action. The durability and the build quality of both rods are pretty similar, and you don’t have to worry about any durability-related issues with Sage. So, the only thing you need to consider is what option complements your fishing style. Testing out a few casts from both Sage VXP and Sage XP will give you a complete perspective on the purchase.

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