5 Ways To Deal With Halo Rangefinder Problems 

halo rangefinder problems
halo rangefinder problems

When you’re just getting into fishing, going through different accessories and equipment options can be quite overwhelming.

It takes a ton of time to learn about the utility and benefits of all the different features. So, it is best to take some time and learn about these units.

Doing this before spending your money on new gadgets can help you out later on.

Otherwise, you will just be wasting money on equipment that doesn’t bring any benefits to your setup. With that said, quite a few people have been asking about Halo Rangefinder.

This is one of the best range finders that can be bought as it is equipped with tons of features.

While the device might be amazing, there are also some problems that you can run into. These can be quite annoying which is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of common problems.

If you’re also interested in this unit, then the following list of common issues should improve your perspective on the purchase decision.

You can also use these to fix the problem and ensure that these can be avoided in the future.

Halo Rangefinder Problems

  1. Battery Problems

One of the leading issues with the unit is related to the battery getting drained even when the unit is not active.

You will find hundreds of reports where people will be complaining about putting fresh batteries every week just to have the unit die on them after a few days.

So, if you’re thinking of spending your money on this unit as well, there is a good chance that you’ll be dealing with similar situations soon.


Luckily, you can fix this problem by removing the battery once you’re done with the fishing session.

Now, this solution might not be as efficient, but it will save you some money in the long run.

So, try removing the battery once you’re done using the unit and then put the batteries back into the unit when needed.

People also have the option to install portable batteries that can last them a much longer time.

The great thing about these batteries is that they can be charged whenever you are done with your trip. While these are amazing to use, the only problem is that the battery has a lower capacity.

The battery will also continue to lose its ability to hold a charge. Once this starts happening, it is best that you replace this with a new battery.

Lithium-ion batteries can usually be recycled from the same brand you bought them from.

  1. Switch Issues

Issues with the power switch on this unit are also pretty common. Most anglers had pointed out that they were unable to operate the device even when the battery levels were adequate. S

o, if you’re in a similar situation, there is a good chance that you’re dealing with a faulty switch.


Unfortunately, there are no quick fix methods around this problem, and you need to replace the switch to get it working again.

If your unit is still under warranty, then make sure to reach out to the experts working at customer support.

They will guide you through the troubleshooting process, and you won’t have to bother with any extra steps.

So, make sure to isolate the problem and engage the dealer regarding this issue. Hopefully, your switches will be fixed in no time.

Another thing that people can try is to check the connections on their Rangefinder.

The connectors inside the battery compartment can sometimes get clogged. If this happens then there is a chance that the dust might prevent the batteries from working properly.

The best way to fix this is by removing the dust from the connectors so that the battery can start working.

Rubbing the connectors, a little should allow you to fix the issue in most cases.

  1. Display Not Working

Sometimes the display on this unit can also run into problems.

This issue can be traced to incorrect mode on the unit, and you just have to cycle through the rangefinder configurations to get the unit working again.

It will barely take a minute to fix the configurations, and the unit will start working perfectly once you’re in the right mode.

Make sure to also rely on the owner’s manual regarding the optimal configurations if you’re confused about the unit.

Otherwise, you will be spending a ton of time trying to isolate the problem, and the unit won’t work until you have fixed the mode.

Reaching out to customer support is also a good method of narrowing down the issue.

If you are having trouble trying to find the manual, then this can be downloaded online.

Just make sure that you enter the exact model of your Halo Rangefinder so that you can get the correct manual. This should help you in fixing tons of other problems as well.

  1. The Unit Won’t Focus

Focusing problems with the rangefinder are also not that rare. In most situations, you will be able to get ahead of this problem by simply cleaning the lens on the unit.

So, pick up the rangefinder and then use a clean cloth to remove any debris or marks from the range finder.

Once you’ve cleaned the lens, put the rangefinder back into place, and the issue should be fixed.

Using a lens cleaner is a better option as this helps in ensuring that the glass is crystal clear. Power cycling the rangefinder can help you maneuver through this issue in some situations.

So, if you’re sure that the lenses are clean, just remove the batteries from the unit for a few minutes and connect them back.

Ideally, the issue will be fixed at this point, and you won’t have to bother with any extra steps. The main reason resetting works is because this clears the memory of your device.

The device normally collects data that causes the memory to get clogged over time. This mostly happens due to the longer use of the Rangefinder without any rest.

Hence, people can usually give the device some rest to ensure that the problem can be avoided or even prevented.

If the problem still appears then in the few minutes or seconds that you leave your device without its battery, the memory should get cleared.

This is mostly enough time to fix the problem but if you notice that the Halo Rangefinder is still not working then move on to the next step.

  1. Contact The Customer Support Team


All in all, these were a few issues that you need to keep in mind if the Halo Rangefinder is not working perfectly.

In most situations, you can fix the issue by managing configurations and power cycling the device. However, if your unit has a valid warranty, then make sure to involve the experts.

The team mostly asks people to provide them with all the information required about the problem.

Once done, they can then get into the details and help guide you through the troubleshooting process. If these work then your issue will be fixed, however, the problem might also persist.

In this case, your only option is to send the Halo Rangefinder back to the brand for repairs.

The team will look into the device and then fix any parts that were damaged. These can also be replaced for free if your device was still under its original warranty.

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