7 Steps To Fix Lowrance Active Target Draining Battery

lowrance active target draining battery
lowrance active target draining battery

We all want to own amazing tracking systems like Lowrance. However, only some are willing to put in the time to learn the basic maintenance and setup requirements.

Yes, you can’t just throw money at every problem and expect it to fix itself.

Instead, you gotta set aside some time to learn the accessory, track the maintenance, and have it configured properly. Will it take time to learn these steps? Yes! However, you shouldn’t try to take shortcuts.

Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your cash, and the performance from the unit will be subpar to say the least. 

If you’re also planning on going on a long fishing trip this weekend, you’ll likely run into the same complications. So, here are some pointers to keep in mind when Lowrance Active Target is draining too much battery.

Fixing Lowrance Active Target Draining Battery:

  1.       Use Standby Mode

Using standby mode on the unit is one of the best methods of conserving the battery when you don’t have a backup battery installed on your boat. Keeping the unit in this mode will help you with a few more hours of battery life.

So, try to budget your use of the Lowrance Active Target, as it is a bit demanding when it comes to battery use. Hopefully, you won’t have to do anything else for this season, and you can purchase an upgrade on the next trip.

  1.       Check Battery Health

Sometimes, it is the battery health that is creating this issue with the Lowrance Active Target. So, if you’re sure that the unit worked perfectly previously and it is just starting to put extra stress on the battery, then it might be time to get a replacement.

Changing the battery is your best move if you’ve had it installed for a few years. It is not too uncommon for the batteries to drain, and their performance decreases over time.

So, use a multimeter to check the battery health and if the voltage output is not optimal, getting a replacement is the only real option.

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  1.       Upgrade To Cranking Unit

The only permanent solution to this problem is to upgrade to a better cranking battery for your boat.

It will be a bit heavier on your budget, but there is no point in wasting your time with other solutions when you have the money for this purchase. 

The inconvenience of switching between different modes is not worth it for most anglers, and you’ll enjoy a much better trip with the cranking battery.

Make sure to seek help from a professional if you’re not sure about which cranking battery to purchase.

  1.       Get An Upgrade

At this point, you should just go with an upgrade. If you’ve not been able to figure out a fix at this point and the battery health is optimal, then you need to get a more robust battery.


Yes, the AT system won’t put that much pressure on your battery.

However, if your battery barely manages to keep up with the trolling motor and all the accessories, then it is bound to fail under more pressure.

So, instead of trying to optimize the system you already have, it might be time to think about spending money on a more robust setup.

Yes, you will have to spend more cash and it will sting your budget. However, you will not have to worry about the Active Target draining battery as quickly.

With the better battery, you will be able to avoid the hassle of dealing with the system dying out after every few hours.

One more thing that you can do here is to rely on a backup power system. While it might seem like an unnecessary purchase, you are never certain when you might need to rely on a backup.

So, be sure to either get an upgrade or a backup battery pack that can have your system powered up. 

Hopefully, these details will be enough to have you sorted out and you will not have to worry about more challenges.


Yes, setting aside money or having to expand your budget will come with its drawbacks, but you’re not left with many options.

  1.       Check The Power Demand

Now, if you’re absolutely positive that the power supply and the batteries perfectly match the power requirements of the setup, then you need to look at the power demands.

There might be something wrong with the connections or you need to check up on the additional accessories.

Sometimes, the trolling motor can be blamed for these issues, but it is a bit hard to figure out the exact issues on your whim.

The only reliable thing that you can do is to rely on a voltmeter or a multimeter to help you figure out the flow. 

That way, you can check for the power flow issues without having to isolate the different regions. Will it be quick? Not really. But you will still need to put in the time and check for continuity on the different connection points. 

Once you’re able to figure out the issue with a defective accessory or motor, you will have to replace that accordingly.

The Lowrance Active Targeting can’t be the only factor that you tend to consider and you should check everything that is connected to the motor.

multimeter closeup

Your battery shouldn’t die out on you every few hours, and relying on the quick power demands and connection will always give you a better idea.

  1.       Just Check The Temperature

You occasionally need to think outside the box. Even while the Active Target’s ability to drain the battery may be the primary problem in this instance, there are a number of additional factors that might be at play.

It could be more closely related to the battery’s temperature.

You should thus evaluate the temperature aspect of the situation rather than criticising the system. Simply ensuring that the battery can keep a steady temperature is all you’re doing.

The temperature may increase and the performance may deteriorate under intense stress.

Having too many devices linked to the same battery might make you sluggish even if the Active Targeting features are not needed. Therefore, it is a good idea to minimise the temperature side of things when you do run across these problems.

All you’re attempting to do is prevent the system from overheating and the battery from being used by too many things. The system will react to you brilliantly and more than adequately if you do this.

  1.       Call Lowrance 


Lastly, if you’re sure that the cranking battery installed in your boat is in good health, but the timing is still massively affected by Lowrance Active Target, your best bet is to seek help from a professional.

He will help you narrow down on wiring issues, and hopefully, you won’t have to bother with the same complications again. So, simply call Lowrance and have them help you through the issue.

In most conditions, you’ll have to upgrade to a cranking battery or a backup system if you’re sure that the Lowrance Active Target system is not defective. So, set the budget accordingly and try to get a reliable replacement.

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