3 Ways To Deal With Motorguide W55 Wireless Problems 

motorguide w55 wireless problems
motorguide w55 wireless problems

While there were many claims about the performance of the Motorguide W55 wireless motor, it is quite common to see anglers talking badly about this unit. In comparison to most of the other motors in the market, you will get an average level of efficiency and power. On top of that, the wireless feature is known to malfunction from time to time. So, there is a good chance that you’ll be spending a ton of money to purchase new components for your trolling motor. With that said, quite a few users have come forward with questions about some common Motorguide W55 wireless problems. So, let’s go through a list of these issues to give you a better perspective.

Motorguide W55 Wireless Problems

1. Motor Not Turning

The first and most common problem that you’ll see anglers complaining about is that the motor will stop turning. Most of the time, this situation is created because of issues with the controls. No user input is being forwarded to the main motor, and it won’t turn as you try to engage the foot pedal. So, you’ll have to isolate the problem to the control system and fix the control board to get ahead of this issue.

You can start the troubleshooting procedures by getting a multimeter and checking the power output from the foot pedal batteries. Most often than not, you’ll find that the issue was with depleted batteries, and you can fix this problem by getting a battery replacement. So, make sure to check the power in all controls to fix the turning issue.

Ideally, the problem will be fixed at this stage but if you’re still stuck in the same problem, then make sure to involve the experts working at customer support. Explain the issue to them, and they should help you isolate the issue to a specific component in your trolling motor.

2. Foot Pedal Problems

Even when the controllers have the perfect power supply, they can run into issues with the foot pedal. So, if your motor is not responding to the inputs from the foot pedal and you’ve checked the power output from the foot pedal batteries, then there is a good chance that you’re dealing with syncing error or debris stuck in the foot pedal.

To fix this problem, you need to start by removing the foot pedal from the trolling motor configurations and then sync it again. If you’re lucky, then that will fix all issues with the foot pedal. However, in some cases, users report the presence of debris and particles lodged beneath the foot controls.

For this reason, it is a good idea to get to cleaning the foot pedal if you wish to avoid these problems with the foot pedal. You won’t have to follow any extensive steps, and the issue will be fixed after servicing the foot pedal. With that said, there is also a possibility that you’re dealing with a defective control board. So, if the problem is not fixed after cleaning the food pedal, grab a multimeter and check the integrity of the control board. Order a replacement if the control board is not working.

3. Loss of Power

The loss of power is another pretty common issue with users that bought Motorguide W55 wireless motor for their boats. Most often than not, this issue is not that severe, and you can fix this problem by checking the output from the battery pack. If the battery has not charged properly, then you won’t be able to get the desired performance. So, make sure to always start by checking the voltage output from the battery.

Suppose there is nothing wrong with the voltage output at the battery terminals, then you will need to look towards wiring issues and corroded connection points. Most often than not, the loss of power can be traced back to corroded connections points, and you will need to rely on a vinegar solution to fix this issue. Just gently clean the connection points and connect the wiring again to fix the power issues.

All in all, these were a few common problems that the majority of users struggled with. So, it might be a better idea to look towards other alternatives that are more durable and promise a consistent performance. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about the same thing again.

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