6 Fixes For Minn Kota i-Pilot Remote Says “Motor Not Found” 

minn kota i-pilot remote says motor not found
minn kota i-pilot remote says motor not found

The Minn Kota motors might be the most feature-rich option in the market, but it is pretty common for users to run into performance-related issues with these motors.

The increased number of features on this motor is indeed pretty great.

Though people will still struggle with maintaining the efficiency of the fishing system. Many users have recently complained about the Minn Kota i-Pilot remote, saying the motor was not found.

This can cause handling issues, but you can try some quick fixes to eliminate detection issues.

So, if your Minn Kota i-Pilot remote says the motor is not found, try these solutions.

Making sure that you go through all the troubleshooting steps carefully can be essential. This is because it helps in ensuring that your problem is fixed.

Minn Kota i-Pilot Remote Says Motor Not Found:

  1. Batteries Might Be Loose

When using the Minn Kota i-Pilot remote, people will notice that the device sometimes gives them an error saying the motor cannot be found.

One of the main reasons behind the issue is that your remote does not have enough power to function.


The first thing that you should check should always be the batteries on the controller. As long as these are tightly installed, the remote should work without any problems.

However, the main reason why your controller might not be working can be because the batteries are too loose.

You can usually fix this by taking out the batteries once and then installing them back in.

Make sure that the battery makes a clicking sound as this ensures that it is in place. If you are still having trouble, then try applying a little more pressure to fix the problem.

  1. Replace Batteries

If the motor is not working with the remote, then there is a decent possibility that the device is not getting sufficient power from the system. So, before anything, you should check the voltage output from the battery terminals.

Several methods can be used for this, and you can select anyone out of them depending on your choice.

Start by opening the remote and removing its batteries. People can now test these on another device to see if the batteries are working properly.

battery icon

Alternatively, another thing that you can do is take readings of the current coming from the battery.

People can use a voltmeter or multimeter for this as these devices work great. If the battery is drained out, then you need a fresh replacement to get the motor connected to the remote.

When purchasing new batteries, people should note that these should have the same voltage ratings on them as the previous ones.

This remote usually requires 3AAA widely available battery cells. As long as the new batteries are compatible with the remote, your problem should be fixed.

  1. Restart the Motor

If the multimeter shows optimal power output from the battery, then you may be just dealing with a minor bug.

There are several reasons behind this, but the main cause is usually that your device has been running for a long time without any breaks.

This starts to put tension on the motor and memory of the Minn Kota i-Pilot remote. If you keep this up, then the device will eventually stop responding.

This is why the brand suggests to its users that they shut down the device and give it some rest during longer use.


When it comes to fixing the issue, one easy way is by simply restarting the motor.

You should start by completely removing the power connections from the motor and then waiting for a few minutes before connecting the power again.

After that, the motor should show up on the Minn Kota i-Pilot remote without any further errors.

The main reason this works is that the soft reboot allows the motor to reset its memory. As a result, the motor is detected the next time you start up the device.

  1. Check Deployment

Sometimes this issue can also relate to the deployment issues in the Minn Kota motor. If you’re using the Ulterra unit, then it is not that rare for the motor to experience deployment issues.

So, when the Minn Kota i-Pilot remote says the motor is not found, there is a good chance that your motor is not deployed properly.

Try to check the LED status indicator on the motor, and then deploy the motor properly to avoid further issues with the motor.

People might have some trouble going through this step which is why the brand provides its users with a manual that can be used.

This should have all the information required to redeploy the motor. If done properly, then the problem you are running into should get fixed.

  1. Remove Foot Pedal

A defective foot pedal attached to the motor is also a known cause behind the controller issue. So, there is no harm in temporarily removing the foot pedal and then trying your luck with the controller again.

If the foot pedal is indeed defective, you will be able to fix the problem after removing it from the motor.

After isolating the issue, you can demand a new foot pedal if the warranty is valid on your Minn Kota motor. This usually lasts several years which is why the service can be amazing.

Though, you should note that there are also tons of things that should be noted regarding the warranty service. There are some guidelines that you will have to go through first that should help you in deciding if the warranty can be claimed or not.

  1. Check Head Unit

The last thing that you need to check is the head unit. If none of the fixes above have helped you with the issue, then the possibility of problems with the head unit increases by a substantial margin.

Luckily, the two-year warranty covers these issues with the head unit, and you need to call the Minn Kota customer support and take the motor to a repair center. They will give you more perspective on how to handle this issue.

Keep in mind that the process can take some time before your problem is fixed. This is why it is recommended that you wait patiently as Minn Kota should be able to deal with the issue.

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