3 Practices For Solving Boat Tachometer Not Working Issue

boat tachometer not working
boat tachometer not working

Dealing with a bad tachometer can be quite annoying when you can’t narrow down on the actual issue. There are many factors that play into issues with your indicators and gauges. Most often than not, you will find that the issue is somehow linked to bad wiring. So, you should always start the inspection with a voltage measuring unit to fix the issue better. Lately, there have been many reports regarding the boat tachometer not working. If you’re in a similar situation and the boat tachometer is not working, then here are a few methods that can help you maneuver this problem.

Boat Tachometer Not Working Problems

1. Fix Ground

If your tachometer is not working properly, then there is an eighty percent chance that you’re stuck in grounding issues. It can be quite challenging to narrow down on the ground problems, and your best bet is running an additional ground wire. Just connect the wire to the tachometer terminal and ground it through the battery terminal or use the floor to isolate the issue.

If you’re lucky, then everything will be fixed at this stage, and you won’t have to bother with more troubleshooting methods. So, start the troubleshooting process by running an additional ground wire from your tachometer, and hopefully, everything will be fixed.

2. Check Power Source

If the problem is not fixed by running an additional ground wire to the battery, then you will need to check the power output. Try using a multimeter across the terminals on the tachometer. Similarly, you should also verify the power output from the battery. This will help you isolate the problem with bad wiring. If the reading on the multimeter doesn’t match the power requirements of the tachometer, then you will need to replace the wiring or battery.

So, if the output from the battery terminal is optimal and you are noticing power deficiency on the tachometer terminal, then the issue is linked with the wiring. All you have to do is replace the wires connecting the tachometer with the battery terminals. Hopefully, the tachometer will start working perfectly at this stage.

3. Replace Tachometer

Sometimes even when there are no issues with the wiring of your unit, it is quite common to run into issues with a defective tachometer. A common issue with a defective tachometer is the needle getting stuck in one position. So, if you’re sure that there is no problem with the wiring on your boat, then you need to purchase a new tachometer.

Luckily, the replacement unit is not that expensive, and you will have to spend a minimal budget on buying this component. Moreover, the installation won’t take more than a few minutes. So, just go to your nearest dealer and purchase a new tachometer on your boat. If you don’t know how to install the tachometer, then you can always seek help from other anglers in your region. Involving experts can help you get around the hassle quickly, and you won’t have to spend as much time in the replacement procedure.

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