6 Procedures to Fix Johnson Outboard Motor No Spark Issue

johnson outboard no spark
johnson outboard no spark

Fishermen tend to go out on long trips to catch different varieties of fish. Though, when it comes to this, having a motorboat can be important.

This helps you easily travel long distances without any issues. When it comes to these boats or motors, there are tons of brands that you can go with.

Even though Mercury and Suzuki have dominated the market with their exceptional outboard motors, brands like Johnson Outboards have recently started to establish their name in the market.

Aside from the performance of the system, motors from Johnson Outboards are quite efficient.

Plus, you don’t have to think about a substantial increase in your budget. With that said, even these motors can sometimes cause issues for anglers.

Recently many anglers have been struggling with the no spark in the Johnson Outboard motor.

If you’re stuck in a similar situation then let’s go through a few troubleshooting steps for this particular issue.

This should help people in identifying some of the reasons behind the problem as well as understanding how they can avoid the issue.

Johnson Outboard Motor No Spark Issue:

  1. Clean The Battery Connections

If there is no spark in the motor at all then you are likely dealing with battery issues.

This is quite common and the main reason why batteries cause issues like this is that the devices are responsible for starting most parts, including the motor.

Most of the time, this problem can be fixed quite easily by cleaning the connection points. This is because the connectors might be clogged with dust.


This can prevent the current from passing through, hence causing problems like these.

Corrosion on these battery connections is another common reason. So, you will have to clean these connection points to get ahead of the spark problem.

Sometimes the rust or corrosion on the battery connections can be stuck which makes it harder to remove.

If this is happening, then the best way to avoid the problem is by using warm water. Pouring this over the rust should help people in softening the layers.

These can then be easily removed by scrubbing them lightly. Having clean connection points should fix the sparking issues with your motor unit.

One last thing that you can do is check the connections on the terminal of your batteries. These should be tightly attached so that the battery can continue receiving current.

Some people forget to hook these back tightly which prevents their batteries from getting charged.

  1. The Battery Might Be Faulty

Other than the condition of the battery another thing you should check is if the device is even working or not.

You can use a voltage-measuring device to check the power output from the battery. If you’ve had the battery for a long time, then the possibility of battery failure is quite high.

You can easily check the power output by connecting a multimeter to the terminals of the battery.

battery graphic

Once the multimeter is connected with the points, you have to check the reading on the device and match it with optimal readings. This helps people in confirming if their battery is faulty or not.

If you are not getting the desired reading from the multimeter, then you might have to buy a battery replacement.

A battery replacement can be relatively expensive. But it will help you avoid the spark issues in the motor over the long run.

The battery will also last you several years which is why people won’t have to worry about it running into problems any time soon.

Just make sure that you purchase this from a reliable brand that also provides a warranty. This should help you out later on in case there are any issues.

  1. Replace The Rectifier

If you’re not getting a spark on any cylinder in your motor, then there might be a problem with the rectifier.

These are electrical devices that convert the alternating current coming from the battery to the direct current. This allows the motor to switch on so that there are no further issues.

Hence people should check this part in case there is no spark on their Johnson Outboard Motor.

To narrow down the problem you should remove the rectifier from the unit and try operating the motor. If that fixes the spark issue, then you will need to get a new rectifier on your motor.

Luckily, this replacement won’t cost you much so you should immediately inspect the integrity of the rectifier in your unit.

You can make this replacement yourself if you have experience with the overall process. The procedure can be technical for some people which is why there are several options.

You can either consult the manual that came with your motor or search for guides online. Both of these steps can help people in ensuring that they replace the part easily.

Though if you are still hesitant then taking your motor to a nearby workshop is your best option.

  1. The Motor Might Be Running Into Electrical Issues

Aside from the rectifier, you should also inspect the wiring cluster for possible damages. Because of varying reasons, you’re probably running into the sparking issue because of a damaged wire.

People can usually notice broken wires by looking out for small cracks or breaks.

damaged wire

So, if you find any damaged wire in the system, make sure to replace it immediately. This can be quite technical for some users which is why they should ask an electrician to help them out.

People should note that the wires mostly break due to improper routing which is why this should be avoided.

On the other hand, if you’re unable to find any issues with the wiring cluster, you can use a voltage measuring device on individual wires to check the output.

The results can then be compared with standard output to help you isolate the problem pretty easily.

Once the faulty wires are identified, make the replacement immediately and try operating the machine again. Hopefully, this time around, you won’t have to deal with the spark issues on your Johnson Outboard motor.

  1. Replace Ignition Coil & Spark Plug

Depending upon the age of your unit, it is not that rare to run into no spark issues. Most of the time, you will have to overcome this problem by replacing the spark plug or the ignition coil.

These replacements are easy to get, and you won’t have to hire a professional.

With that said, you can remove the top assembly. This will help you check the integrity of the ignition coil and the spark plug. If both components are in bad shape, install a replacement on your unit.

This will eliminate the spark issue from your Johnson Outboard motor, and you can continue the fishing trip.

Some people might have trouble trying to replace these parts on their own. If you are one of them then your best option is to move on to the next solution.

  1. Contact Customer Support

Finally, people still running into problems with their Johnson Outboard Motor giving no spark should note that several other parts can cause this problem.

Trying to identify these one by one not only takes a lot of time but can also be quite technical.

This is why instead of trying to figure out which part might be faulty on your own, you also have the option of calling company support for professional help.

Depending upon the warranty status on your unit, they will help you with all the components and complete installation guidance.

support service

This way, you won’t have to worry about purchasing the components yourself. The only thing that you need to do is answer all the questions the customer support asks you.

The team might even ask you to try out some troubleshooting steps that can help in isolating the problem.

If the main reason behind the issue is found, then the team should instruct you by assisting in how the problem can be fixed.

On the other hand, if the team is still unable to find the main root of your issue, the only solution that you have left is to send your motor back to the brand.

The company will then run some tests on your Johnson Outboard Motor to check what parts have been damaged.

Having a warranty on your device can be useful in these cases as it can be used to get free replacements and repairs. However, some guidelines should be followed.

You can go through these by checking the warranty sheet provided along with the motor.

If you are having trouble finding this, then look for the details online by entering the exact model of your motor. People who have run out of warranty, have no other option but to pay for the repairs.

Luckily, the brand will ensure that the no spark problem is fixed so that you can continue using the motor without any further issues.

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