3 Practices To Deal With Mercury Outboard Tach Not Working 

mercury outboard tach not working
mercury outboard tach not working

If you’re new to fishing and need a good outboard for your boat, then mercury is the only viable option for you. There aren’t many brands that can keep up with the efficiency and affordability of the Mercury unit. So, if you want a safer option for your boat, then Mercury is the perfect brand for you. With that said, there have been a few complaints regarding the Mercury Outboard Tach not working. If you’re in a similar situation with the Mercury tach, then the solutions mentioned here will help you.

Mercury Outboard Tach Not Working

1. Fix Voltage Issues

If you’re running into issues with the tachometer, then it is a good idea to start the troubleshooting method by inspecting the power source. Issues with insufficient voltage can create a lot of problems for your tachometer. So, if your Mercury Outboard Tach is not working perfectly, start by checking the power output from the battery terminals.

You just have to grab a multimeter and check the power output on the battery terminals. Ideally, you need to get around 12.5 volts of output from the terminals. So, if you’re not getting the desired response from the battery terminals, it is a good option to purchase a new battery pack.

2. Clean Connection Points

Bent wires and issues with corroded connection points can lead to a lot of issues with the tachometer. So, if you’ve not checked the connection points in a long while, now might be a good point to inspect them. Most of the time, you will find debris built up on the connection points. All you have to do is create a diluted vinegar solution and clean the rust with a brush.

With that said, inspecting the wiring cluster for bent or kinked wires can also help you isolate the problem. So, if your connection points are clean, you need to look towards cleaning the connection points to fix this issue with the Mercury Outboard tachometer. Luckily, replacing the wires and cleaning connection points is not that difficult. It will barely take a few minutes, and the issue will be fixed.

3. Inspect Tach Needle

Even if there are no issues with the power and the voltage of your unit, you can run into problems with the Tachometer needle getting stuck inside the device. So, if you’re sure that the wiring is in perfect condition and the multimeter shows the optimal output from the battery pack, then you are likely dealing with a defective unit. To get around this problem, you will have to either purchase a new unit or open up the tachometer to fix the needle.

In most situations, purchasing a meter replacement is a better option. Otherwise, you will run into issues with the needle shortly after fixing the needle. So, make sure to keep this information in mind if you believe that the tachometer is defective. With that said, the replacement shouldn’t be that expensive. You will be able to install a new tachometer within a few minutes.

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