3 Methods To Troubleshoot Lowrance Elite 4 Won’t Turn On Issue

lowrance elite 4 wont turn on
lowrance elite 4 wont turn on

The Lowrance Elite 4 is a compact unit that can be installed on smaller-sized boats quite easily. With this unit, you don’t have to worry about maximizing fishing efficiency. You can find good fishing spots quite easily without putting in much effort. With that said, the best thing about this unit is the affordable pierce point. So, even if you’re on a limited budget, purchasing this unit shouldn’t be an issue. It is true that this unit is known for its reliability, but many users have recently said that their Lowrance Elite 4 wont turn on. So, let’s cover a few troubleshooting steps for this problem.

Lowrance Elite 4 Wont Turn On 

1. Check Power Supply

If you’re struggling with the unit not turning on, then start by checking the power output from the battery unit. Along with that, you should thoroughly inspect the Lowrance unit on your boat for possible damages. If the device is damaged, then you will have to take it to a repair center. On the other hand, if the device is in perfect shape, then the issue is likely related to the power supply unit. You will have to check the output from the power supply to decide whether or not you need a new battery.

To check the power supply, just connect the terminals of the battery with the multimeter. Now, you just have to check the reading on your unit to isolate the problem. If the power supply is consistently above 12 volts, then there is no need to replace the battery. However, if the power flow is irregular and below 12 volts, then you will have to buy a battery replacement. The unit won’t start as long as you don’t provide it with a sufficient power supply. So, get a new battery pack and try using the Lowrance Elite 4.

2. Fix Cables & Connection Points

Even if the battery unit is in perfect condition, you will need to check the integrity of the wiring of your unit. In rough water conditions, it is not rare to see damage on the wiring. So, you should inspect all the cables going into the unit to identify the error. If any cable is slightly damaged or broken, you will have to replace it immediately. Luckily, a replacement cable is quite affordable, and you can implement this troubleshooting step with ease.

Along with the wiring and cables, you will have to manage the connection points on your unit. If the connection points on your unit are dirty or corroded, then that is likely why you’re unable to get the Lowrance Elite 4 unit working. To fix this problem, you should try using a diluted vinegar solution on the connection points. This solution will help you take care of the rust issue. Once all the dirt and the corrosion are off of the system, try connecting cables to the connection points firmly. Hopefully, it will start working without further issues.

3. Replace Defective Unit

If none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned above apply to your case, there is a good chance that your unit is defective. From a faulty button to a broken panel, you might be struggling with a wide range of issues. So, the best option here would be to call your dealer and ask for a replacement. If your warranty is still valid, then you won’t have to spend a penny on the replacement. With that said, avoid opening up the device yourself and ask the dealer for a replacement.

If the warranty on your unit has expired, then reaching out to customer support is also a viable option. The Lowrance customer support is quite responsive and helps customers overcome any issue that might be affecting the user experience. So, call their company number or send them an email about your issue. Lowrance customer support will connect you to a professional, and you can follow his instructions to get the device working again.

All of these troubleshooting methods should help you overcome the starting issue with the Lowrance Elite 4. Most of the time, the issue goes away after you manage the power supply issues. So, there is a good chance you won’t have to bother with any other solutions for your Lowrance unit.

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