3 Handy Fixes When Yamaha Outboard Tachometer Not Working

yamaha outboard tachometer not working
yamaha outboard tachometer not working

Yamaha is a Japanese brand that is known across the world for motorsports and manufacturing some of the best engines that are being used in motorcycles, sports bikes, boats, and outboards. The company started in 1955 and has managed to gain popularity all across the world due to extreme performance, better durability, and certainly the best features that you don’t get on any other engines out there. Yet, you might have to face some problems with the engines as well that you will need to be careful about.

Yamaha outboards are the perfect thing that you can get for performance, durability, and endurance at the same time and you will be enjoying the seamless working with them. However, if the tachometer is not working on the Yamaha outboard that can be a real problem for you. A few things that you will need to make it work with the outboard are:

Yamaha Outboard Tachometer Not Working

1. Configure it Right

You will need to start with configuring the Tachometer with the outboard power and you get a screw just below the tachometer that you will need to tighten or lose to have it configured perfectly. If the screw is not tightened up properly or is loose, you will not be getting the tachometer to have accurate reading or it might not be working at all.

That is why you will need to ensure that you get the configuration perfectly done right and if you are not so good at that, you need to consult the Yamaha dealership and they will be able to ensure that you are getting the perfection on the calibration of the tachometer and it should start working accurately for you without causing you any such problems with the tachometer again.

2. Check the Cable

The next thing that you will need to check on the tachometer is the cable. Some of the advanced outboards get the ECU controlled tachometers, yet there are certainly some of the older models that are using a cable to control the tachometer, and that cable can get stuck at some point or even break and that should be causing you to face the problem with the tachometer not working.

Optimally, you need to lubricate the cable by using some motor oil and moving the cable a few times. That should be helping you out properly and you will be able to make the cable work properly without facing any such issues. However, if the cable is not moving at all, it might be broken at some point, and you will need to get the tachometer cable replaced to make it work for the optimal experience with your tachometer. You need to be mindful that you need to get it fixed properly with an authorized Yamaha Dealership and that should be the best thing to help you out without facing any other problems.

3. Get the Tachometer Fixed

Lastly, the tachometer on your Yamaha Outboard might have some stuck gear inside it, or it might be broken and that is something that you will not be able to figure out on your own. If the tachometer is mechanical, you will have to get it checked for any such problems and the Yamaha dealership will be able to ensure that you are getting the problem sorted out correctly with the appropriate repair or replacement that might be needed to ensure that you can have the perfect experience with the tachometer on your outboard.

However, if the Tachometer is not mechanical and you have a digital tachometer that works with the ECU, you will need to get the fuses checked up properly and ensure that none of the fuses are blown. After that, you will need to check on the calibration with the ECU as well and have it programmed so you get the perfect experience with the tachometer.

That should be helping you out to get the Tachometer to work again with the Yamaha outboard in the right manner. The ECU needs to be perfectly calibrated and with that, it should also have to be properly getting the current without any short-circuiting or wires getting broken down that can get the current to tachometer right and it will work perfectly fine for you.

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