Hake vs Cod – Understanding Their Main Differences

hake vs cod
hake vs cod

Even though it is pretty easy to manage a Cod fillet, you are still going to need a bit of practice to get used to the proper technique. It always helps to take some tips from experts and let them help you with the whole process.

This should help you out in the long run as tons of problems can be avoided.

So, if you’re unsure about how to fillet a Cod, look for online tutorials or ask local experts for instructions. With that said, we have noticed many people argue about Hake vs Cod.

So, to provide a better understanding, we will be covering some aspects of both of these fish.

Keep in mind that there are tons of similarities between these varieties which might make people confused when trying to select one out of the two fishes.

Although, there are also some differences between these that can be used to easily tell the varieties apart.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with all the information required regarding these fish. Going through it should help people in making a decision without any confusion.

Remember that your choice might vary depending on your personal preferences and taste.

Hake vs Cod Main Differences

Types Of Fish Hake Fish Cod Fish
Potassium Per 100 Grams 294 Milligrams 413 Milligrams
Phosphorous Per 100 Grams 142 Milligrams 203 Milligrams
Selenium Per 100 Grams 38 Micrograms 33.1 Micrograms
B12 Vitamin Per 100 Grams 1.1 Micrograms 0.91 Micrograms
Protein Per 100 Grams 16 Grams 18 Grams


Being a member of the Cod family, you will find many similarities in the physical structure of Hake and Cod. However, once you take a look at nutritional content, the differences are apparent.

Similarly, there is also a difference between the taste of Hake and Cod.

Most of the experts point out a mildly sweeter taste in Hake and prefer it over Cod, depending upon the type of dish they are planning to cook. So, if your recipe demands a sweeter touch, then Hake is the fish for you.

Aside from the taste, the texture of this fish is also softer, and you will notice visible differences in the flake size of this fish. Most of the time, the Hake flake is smaller than the Cod but brings the same intensity of flavor.

Keeping all these things in mind, many people believe Hake to be the superior fish when compared with Cod. So, if you’re unable to get your hands on Cod, Hake is the perfect alternative to go for.

The best thing is that both these fish have a similar price tag. That means users won’t have to pay much extra.

Similar to Cod, there are many types of Hake that you can try. Depending upon your region, it might be impossible to access all kinds.

However, you can still try your luck with local suppliers and ask them to get a particular type for your cooking experiments.

Know that doing this will cost you extra money, and the quality of fish might not be acceptable if you are dealing with a random supplier.

This is why many experts recommend catching fish yourself or looking hard for a supplier that you can trust.

Doing this will not only make it easier to manage the quality of fish meat, but you will also avoid many health issues in the future.


When trying to catch the fish on your own, there are several things that should be kept in mind. The first thing includes the location you will be fishing at.

This is essential because it determines how many fish you will find when fishing. It is recommended that you take your time while researching the location and ensure that you select one that has confirmed sightings of the variety.

Once this is done, people can then move on to selecting the time of day they will be fishing. It is usually better to fish during the early morning as there is better visibility.

Also, there should be fewer anglers nearby which is why you should be able to catch tons of varieties easily.

Finally, the equipment you are using should be durable enough to easily catch the fish. If your rod or line is too weak then it will break while you were trying to pull the fish.


Known as the go-to for white fish around the globe, this fish is famous for its mild taste and slight texture. With that said, there are plenty of fish types that belong to the cod family and usually maintain a cylindrical shape.

When it comes to the size of Hake and Cod, both fish are pretty similar, with Cod having a leaner structure.

For beginners, it can be somewhat challenging to set apart Cod from Hake just by looking at the fish for the first time.

So, you need a bit of experience under your belt to accurately determine the fish type. From proteins to vitamins, this fish brings a complete balance to your diet.

But remember, this is only as long as you consume it in moderation.


It is easy to prepare, and there are plenty of different cooking techniques that can be used to cook Cod.

The most significant difference between Cod and Hake is that there are currently restrictions on the farming of the Cod.

So, depending upon your region, there might be some differences in the price of a Cod and Hake. On the other hand, Hake is readily available and brings the same nutritional benefits to the table.

The only difference is you have to make slight changes to the spice usage while using Hake.

This is to accommodate the sweeter flavor. Other than that, both of these fish are pretty similar in shape, size, and taste. So, if you can’t get your hands on Cod, Hake is always a viable option. It brings plenty of benefits to the table.

Most of the time, there is no need to worry about the origin and the nutritional benefits of the fish. However, if you’re choosing a supplier for the first time, it helps to inquire about where the fish came from.

If you are trying to catch the fish yourself then make sure that you practice your fishing techniques. This should help you in ensuring that you can catch the variety easily.

Your skill can play a major role as this determines how many fish you will reel in.

Other than this, the information provided above should be enough for people to understand how these varieties are different. Depending on your personal preferences, one out of the two varieties might suit you better.

You can easily choose these by considering these factors.

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