3 Methods To Fix Anti Reverse On Daiwa Spinning Reel

how to fix anti reverse on daiwa spinning reel
how to fix anti reverse on daiwa spinning reel

The anti-reverse feature brings great utility to the users and makes it effortless for them to manage their drag system. When you’re trying to catch a trophy fish, this feature can come in quite handy and will significantly improve your catch rate. So, if you’re new to fishing or looking for a more convenient setup, then make sure to purchase a spinning reel with a quality anti-reverse feature. Recently many users have asked how to fix anti-reverse on the Daiwa spinning reel. If you’re in a similar situation and your anti-reverse feature is not working perfectly, then the following information should help.

How To Fix Anti Reverse on Daiwa Spinning Reel

1. Replace Lever Spring

Most often than not, users running into this issue have mentioned that the spring behind the anti-reverse lever was creating the issue in their spinning reels. So, if you believe that the unit is in perfect condition and there was no physical damage done to the spinning reel, then there is a good chance that you’re dealing with a defective spring. Luckily, you can maneuver this problem quite easily by replacing the spring.

All you need to do is remove the leaver from the main section and install the new lever spring behind the lever. That way, your lever would engage the anti-reverse mechanism every time, and you won’t have to run into the same issue again. So, if your spinning reel is in good condition, just try to replace the lever spring, and your problem will be fixed.

2. Fix Gear Ring

In some units, the problem with the anti-reverse feature can be traced back to a loose ring behind the latching gear. So, if you’re sure that the lever is engaging your anti-reverse mechanism, try to troubleshoot this problem by inspecting the gear ring. In most situations, you will find that this ring has become loose, and you will no longer be able to manage the anti-reverse system.

So, all you need to do is use adhesive to fix the gear ring in its proper position and put everything back in its place. Ideally, the issue with your anti-reverse system on the Daiwa spinning reel should be fixed, and you can focus more on increasing your catch rate.

3. Call Support

If for some reason, you are still stuck in the same issue, then there is a good chance that you’re dealing with a defective unit. If that is the case, then you will need to reach out to Daiwa support immediately and explain your issue to them. As long as the warranty is valid, you should be able to secure a unit replacement.

However, if the spinning reel has passed the warranty date, you can seek guidance on narrowing down on this issue. It would help you isolate the problem, and you can replace the defective component to get your spinning reel working again. In any situation, calling the support members is your best bet. So, make sure to call the company number or send them an Email.

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