Bail Not Closing On Spinning Reel? Try These 3 Solutions

bail not closing on spinning reel
bail not closing on spinning reel

One of the leading issues that anglers often complain about with their spinning reel is bail not closing.

Even though most people prefer to close the bail by their hand, many beginners find it easy to use the automatic system. This can make the process much easier in most cases.

So, if you keep running into issues with the bail system, try developing a habit of closing the bail manually.

This will help you better manage the lifespan of the spinning reel, and you won’t have to bother with a replacement any time soon.

With that said, let’s cover a few methods to get around this problem. So, if your bail is not closing on the spinning reel, then follow through with the instructions below.

Make sure that you go through the troubleshooting steps carefully as these should help you out in the long run.

In most cases, there are several reasons why you can run into a problem like this. Before you start with a fix, it is recommended that you find the exact reason behind the issue.

This helps in ensuring that the problem can be dealt with quickly while also ensuring that the same issue does not appear again.

Bail Not Closing On Spinning Reel

  1. Install New Spring

You can manage the automatic mechanism of the bail system on your spinning reel with the use of a spring.

So, if you’re struggling to maintain the automatic system, then there is a good chance that the spring is bent out of shape, or you didn’t install it correctly.

Luckily, you won’t have to spend much money to get a replacement spring for your spinning reel.

Just visit your nearest hardware store and grab a spring replacement to install on your bail section. The schematics of the bail system can vary.


This depends upon the model of the spinning reel you’ve installed on your fishing rod. So, make sure to follow through with the instructions mentioned in the owner’s manual.

That way, you will be able to replace the spring in your spinning reel easily.

If you are having trouble trying to replace the new spring inside your device, then there are some additional things that can be checked.

When it comes to this, most people should try consulting the manual that came with their spinning reel.

If the instructions inside it are not enough for you to replace the reel, then you can simply contact the support team for this brand. The team will try their best to get the spring replaced.

  1. Fix Bail Wire

After extended use of the spinning reel, it is not too rare to run into issues with the bail wire. Depending upon the usage, the bail wire will get bent out of shape over time.

This bent wire will create issues with the automatic closing mechanism.

So, if you’re struggling with the bail not closing on the spinning reel, you have to fix issues with the bail wire.

In this situation, you can either choose to replace the bail wire or try to manage the shape of the wire to bring it back into perfect shape.

That should make it easier for the bail system to close automatically.

  1. Use Lubricant

Using lubricant on the screws and the pivot sections of the reel setup will make it easier to fix the bail section.

It is pretty common for the bail mechanism to get stuck when debris or rust gets stuck in between the pivot points.

Using a lubricant makes it easier for the pivot sections to move to the desired location. So, if your bail is not closing automatically, take apart the components and apply a thin layer of lube.

With that said, you should also focus on developing the habit of closing the bail system manually.


That way, you will be able to maintain the consistency of your fishing technique. Even if your fishing reel is in perfect condition at the moment, you’re going to run into bail issues.

  1. The braided Line Might Be Slipping On The Spool

Sometimes the main reason why your bail is not closing on the spinning reel can be due to the braided line slipping on the spool.

This is quite rare but there is still a chance that you might be running into problems due to it. Luckily, the fix is quite simple, but you have to stay cautious during it.

Start by taking a rubber band and then using it as a grip for your braid. This is usually done by default on many spinning reels so that the line does not slip off.

However, if this does not work for you then the next thing that you can try is to spool up the first 10% of your reel using mono.

This is a great way to ensure that the line does not slip off again and it closes without any other issues.

  1. Faulty Or Damaged Reel

While the steps mentioned above are mostly enough for people to understand and fix the problem they are getting with their reel, sometimes these steps might not be enough.

When it comes to this, there is a high chance that your reel might be faulty or damaged.

People can usually test around with the different moving parts in their reel to figure out which one is faulty. This should not take a lot of time for people that are familiar with how the reel functions.

So, once you find the damaged parts on your reel, make sure that you get them replaced with new ones.


On the other hand, if you are someone who does not know how the reel functions then it is better that you contact the support team for this brand.

The support team is usually helpful enough to help you in getting the problem fixed. Keep in mind that you might get some questions asked.

Answering these carefully allows the support team to isolate your problem so that they can provide you with better solutions. Hence, make sure that you provide the team with detailed information regarding your issue.

If the problem is easily fixable then you will be provided with simple troubleshooting steps.

On the other hand, if the issue is being caused due to some damaged parts in your spinning reel, then there is a high chance that you will be asked to send the device back to the brand.

People can usually ask for replacement parts and install them on their own if they know how to.

However, if you still have a warranty left on your product then sending it back to the brand is a much safer choice. This is because the team will ensure that all the problems with your fishing reel are dealt with.

On top of this, the warranty service allows people to get free discounts for repairs.

If you are interested in getting the warranty claimed, then make sure that you go through the guidelines once. These might be a little confusing, but the process ensures that you can get the service claimed.

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