3 Common Mako 18 LTS Problems Troubleshooting

mako 18 lts problems
mako 18 lts problems

Most people that go fishing every now and then rent a boat from someone which they use for a few hours. However, any enthusiastic angler will need a boat for themselves. That’s because being familiar with your boat is a huge part of the experience for any angler.

This includes making sure you know all about what it has to offer you, meaning all of the good things and even all of the bad ones. That’s exactly why we’re going to use this article to provide users with a list of the most common Mako 18 LTS problems and their recommended solutions.

But before that, allow us to talk a bit more about the Mako 18 LTS boat itself for those that aren’t completely familiar. This is one of the most popular options from Mako, a popular brand when it comes to equipment and vehicles related to fishing.

There are a lot of great things to discuss this boat in particular, however as already mentioned what we’re going to be focusing on are the problems. That said, here’s our list of some of the most common Mako 18 LTS problems.

Common Mako 18 LTS Problems and Their Solutions

1. Mako 18 LTS Won’t Start

The most common and definitely the most annoying of them all is when the Mako 18 LTS won’t start. This is something that can happen for a number of reasons and that’s exactly why it’s an irritating issue.

However, once you know the source of the problem, this is usually an easy issue to deal with. That said, we recommend checking the engine before all else, as it’s the usual culprit in these cases.

Check it for any loose parts or damages that might’ve been caused by rough waters or collisions. Take care of these yourself. Alternatively, get a professional to take a look at things for you if they’re beyond your knowledge.

Either way, in the end, you’ll likely have to end up seeking a professional mechanic’s help anyway if the problem is something too serious.

2. Self-Drain System Not Working

The self-drain system is a very important part of the Mako 18 LTS boat. The reason behind why this is the case is rather self-explanatory. For the few that don’t know, when you are out in the open waters riding your boat at full speed, lots of water tends to get inside. Not only that, it can find its way inside in dangerous amounts when you are just sitting still catching fish.

This is something that the self-drain system takes care of. It does so by sending all the incoming water right back where it came from. However, sometimes there are issues with this particular component of the boat which leads to it not working properly as it should.

This can be caused by damage done to the boat’s structure, or it could be one of the holes for self-draining getting plugged by debris. Inspect both and fix the issue accordingly.

3. Control Centre Issues

The control center is another very important part of any boat. For those that don’t know what this is, this little area in the boat is actually one of the most crucial parts of it.

It is where users control the entire vehicle, including movements and other aspects of it. It is also responsible for holding other key features. These are used to make the fishing experience much easier for anglers.

It’s an especially integral part of the Mako 18 LTS. This is why it’s very annoying when it starts being problematic.

There are a number of different reasons why the control center might start providing issues to users. In some cases, it could be that it’s loose and about to fall off. This is a surprisingly common problem, but luckily it’s one that can be dealt with easily.

In other cases, it may be a more complicated issue. This issue likely has to do with the wiring and structure of the Mako 18 LTS. In this case, we recommend getting a professional. They’ll be able to help you sort things out and find a solution for them accordingly.

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