How To Catch A Mako Shark? (8 Helpful Tips)

how to catch a mako shark
how to catch a mako shark

Mako sharks are usually known as sharp-nosed mackerel sharks. These varieties are also often called blue pointers in Australia. They live in both temperate and tropical seas.

Additionally, mako sharks are streamlined; thus, they have pointed snouts, are slender, and have a crescent-shaped tail.

They also have very long teeth that are also slender. It is blueish-grey and ranges to deep blue color dorsally, however, is white ventrally. These sharks prey on numerous fishes, including swordfish, mackerel, and herring, as well as on the small cetaceans.

Mako sharks have delicious meat and are also famous as game fish. These are prized for their fighting qualities and are often captured because of them.

Talking about this, people often ask the question “How to catch a mako shark?”. This can be quite tricky as the variety can be dangerous to catch.

Hence, we will be using this article to provide you with all the information required regarding this query. Going through it should help you in understanding how the fish can be caught as well as how you can avoid problems.

How To Catch A Mako Shark?

Mako sharks are large varieties that are also the fastest type of shark that can be found. People are often scared of these fish because of their size but you should note that the variety is usually not that aggressive.

As long as you don’t interfere or interrupt, the shark should mind its own business.

However, this changes if you are trying to catch these fish. When it comes to this, people should note that staying cautious at all times is important. Large varieties like these have to be handled carefully to avoid problems.

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There are tons of factors that should be kept in mind at all times.

This is why we will be providing you with a guide that has all the information required to catch these fish. Ensuring that you read all the information provided and follow it carefully should help you out when catching a mako shark.

  1. People should usually start by searching for different locations where variety can be found. There should be tons of fishing spots that have these sharks available. Though, you must find a fishing spot that is nearby so that you don’t have to travel much.
  2. The time of day that you will fishing also plays a huge role in how successful you are. This is because fishing at night can be quite tricky. This is also dangerous if you are trying to catch a variety like this. Hence, it is recommended that you fish during the day for better visibility.
  3. People can now start checking the season they want to catch these sharks. When it comes to this, the temperature can be quite important to look out for. This is because mako sharks change their location depending on the weather and prey around them.
  4. The equipment being used should be durable enough to withstand the weight of the fish. This means that both your rod and line should have enough sturdiness to pull the shark out of the water without bending or breaking.
  5. Selecting the bait is another important factor as this will determine if the shark is attracted to your hook or not. Mako sharks usually ignore people unless you use a bait that this variety likes. When it comes to this, using salmon, mackerel, scab, tuna, and bonito are all good options.
  6. Once everything is decided, you can start your trip by visiting the fishing spot. If the area requires any permits or licenses, then make sure that you get these beforehand. These usually vary from region to region which is why you will have to check the details.
  7. People can then attach their bait to the hook and then throw it inside the body of water. Waiting patiently should allow you to get a bite after 30 to 40 minutes at most. However, if you are not getting any then changing your location might be recommended.
  8. Moving around while fishing is essential as this helps in finding varieties even if they are trying to hide or in case they are also moving around.

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Now that you understand all this, catching mako sharks should be quite easy. If you are still running into problems, then make sure that you practice using different techniques. These should help you out in the longer run.

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