Mako Shark vs Swordfish (Everything To Know!)

mako shark vs swordfish
mako shark vs swordfish

Fishing can be a lot of fun as you get to catch different breeds that can be thrown back into the water or even eaten. Numerous varieties can be caught and each of them comes with unique features.

This is why people should go through them carefully to ensure they get catch the varieties without problems.

The weather conditions and area that you are fishing in can play a major role in how many species can be found. Aside from this, every fish has its unique characteristics including the bait that it is attracted to.

When it comes to larger fish, Mako Shark and Swordfish are both popular varieties.

People often get confused between these two fish as both of them are quite similar. Hence, users might have trouble trying to distinguish between the varieties.

If you are running into a similar problem, then going through this article should help you out.

We will be providing you with a comparison between these two varieties so that it can be easier for you to tell them apart.

Going through it should also help you in understanding the differences between these two fish.

Mako Shark vs Swordfish

Per 100g Mako Shark Swordfish
Calories 130 121
Total Fat 4.5 g 4.0 g
Cholesterol 51 mg 39 mg
Sodium 79 mg 90 g
Protein 20.9 g 19.8 g

Mako Shark

Isurus is a genus of mackerel sharks that are from the family Lamnidae.

These are commonly known as mako sharks which are found roaming around in Coastal rivers stretching from New England to Florida. You should note that these varieties are known as seasonal migrants

mako shark

The main reason behind this is that the fish changes its region depending on the weather conditions and temperature of the water. These fish are known for traveling across entire oceans which makes them highly migratory.

Sometimes the fish might change its location trying to look for food sources near it. They spend most of their time searching for potential prey or even finding a mate.

The great thing about this variety is that it is known to be the fastest type of shark. These fish can easily go up to 50 kph or 31 mph.

These qualities also make the variety a prized catch when it comes to recreational fishermen. Aside from this, people need to understand that these fish are also sometimes hunted for their meat.

This is because the variety is considered to be one of the best sharks that you can eat.

The flesh is meaty and dense which makes it quite versatile. People can cook the meat using different methods and all of them provide different tastes.

caught mako shark

You should note that the meat is also low in fat but still has a lot of flavors. The low fat can be a little tricky as cooking the meat can be difficult.

This is because there is a higher chance of burning the meat. Considering this, people should carefully sear the meat to ensure that the skin or flesh does not burn.

With that being said, the meat is often compared to swordfish because of how similar it looks.

When talking about this, you need to understand that mako shark’s meat is a little moister and darker in color.

People who have tried both of these can easily tell the difference between texture and flavor. Though, this can also taste quite similar depending on the cooking method used.

Sometimes people report that the meat leaves a sweet aftertaste which is also meaty. This is unique and is also one of the top reasons why the fish is loved so much.

The reddish color on the meat starts to turn white when cooked properly and also gets a firm texture.

There are tons of other varieties of shark that can be eaten but you will notice that most people prefer to eat mako shark because of its unique flavor profile.

These widely eaten fish are also easier to find as there are tons of fishing spots that have them roaming around.


Swordfish or also as broadbills are another quite popular variety. These fish are also considered to be migratory fish that roam around looking for prey.

People should note that the main characteristics of the variety are their long, flat, and pointed bill.

These are also considered to be sport fish that are from the billfish category. Most swordfish start to lose their teeth as they grow and all of these along their scales are lost once the variety is an adult.

The elongated and round-bodied fish is also captured because of its delicious meat.


The meat is usually quite tender and soft which gives it a unique texture. This on top of its flavorful taste makes these fish quite popular.

Though, people should note that the meat of swordfish is also often compared with a mako shark.

As mentioned above, this is mostly because of the similarities in flavor and texture. But if you compare these side by side then you can easily notice that the meat on mako shark is better.

People should also understand that several other factors should be kept in mind aside from firmness.

When it comes to this, your personal choice can also play a huge role in how much you like the meat.

Moreover, some people eat fish meat because of how healthy it is. Considering this, the nutritional value of both of these varieties also differs.

swordfish meat

Swordfish has a lower number of calories and fat per gram which makes it a healthier option to go for.

On top of this, the cholesterol is also lower which can be great. Although, mako sharks have more protein and omega-3 oil per gram while also having a lower sodium content.

Keeping the information provided above in mind, people should note that both fish have their unique qualities.

Whether you are hunting them for their meat or just for fun, going through the article should help you in understanding how these varieties differ from each other.

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