5 Self-Checks To Do When Minn Kota Ultrex Foot Pedal Not Working

minn kota ultrex problems
minn kota ultrex problems

For many decades Minn Kota has been supplying users with top-tier fishing accessories. You’ll rarely notice any angler talk badly about this brand, and if you’re new to fishing, Minn Kota is your best bet.

With that said, you can also rely on Minn Kota’s excellent warranty policy to deal with any major issues with the unit.

Recently a few reports have been recorded regarding the Minn Kota Ultrex Foot Pedal not working. This can be quite annoying to deal with as the vehicle is not usable without the device.

If you’re having similar issues with your unit, then here are a few solutions that might help you overcome this problem. Depending on what is causing the issue, the solution might vary.

This is why make sure that you go through all of these steps to ensure your problem is fixed.

Minn Kota Ultrex Foot Pedal Not Working

  1. Replace Sensor Board

If you’re using the older models of the Minn Kota Ultrex motor, then issues with the foot pedal are quite common. Most often than not, these issues are the result of a defective sensor board.

So, you’ll have to fix the issue with the board to get your Minn Kota unit working again.

Unfortunately, there are no methods that can be used to fix a defective sensor board. You will have to purchase a board replacement.

repair shop

The good thing here is that the sensor board is quite cheap, and you won’t have to spend any extended budget on this project.

So, go to your nearest repair center and purchase a quality sensor board for your Minn Kota foot pedal.

Similarly, you can also reach out to Minn Kota support and ask them to help you fix this issue. All in all, everything should start working perfectly after installing a new sensor board on your unit.

If you’re not comfortable with installing the replacement yourself, then you can always rely on local experts to help you with this problem.

Hiring an expert might increase some expenses, but at least your Minn Kota Ultrex Foot Pedal will start working.

People who are willing to replace the sensor board on their own should note some additional things.

The first thing is that your board should be compatible with the foot pedal from Minn Kota. This is essential as the foot pedal will not function if it is not supported by the board.

Another thing to note is that the process can be quite complicated for beginners. This is why you should consult the manual provided by this brand.

Alternatively, you can watch video guides online to help you out with the entire procedure.

  1. Clear Out Debris and Rust

If your purchase was recent and you’re sure that there is nothing wrong with the sensors, then you’re likely dealing with faulty power connections.

Many issues can lead to power problems in your foot pedal, so make sure to verify the integrity of the whole unit.

Doing this before implementing any troubleshooting steps can be better. Most of the time, you won’t have to do anything besides checking the connection points for debris and dirt.


The only thing that you need to do is look closely and remove any debris that you notice.

In some cases, people can also notice clogs from rust. On the other hand, the dust might sometimes be stuck.

Whatever the case might be, using warm water should soften the layers. People can then apply a little force on the debris or rust that is stuck to clear it.

Make sure that you stay cautious during the process as it helps in avoiding tons of problems later on.

Applying too much force when removing the debris can also damage the vehicle. Finally, make sure that you keep your foot pedals clean at all times to prevent problems like these.

  1. Connection Problems On Foot Pedal

Sometimes the problem you are getting can be from the foot pedal running into connection errors.

This is quite annoying but several methods can be used to fix it. You can usually rely on the use of a multimeter to check for continuity between different terminals on your unit.

This device can help you isolate the problem as you get exact readings of the current and resistance inside your device.

Once you’re sure about the cause of the problem, the troubleshooting steps become relatively easier. Even if you don’t own a multimeter, you can borrow it from any of the local anglers.

However, purchasing a multimeter will bring a ton of utility to your unit for an extended period.

This is because you can test the different parts on your vehicle whenever there are any issues with it. Having this option can be amazing as you can avoid tons of problems.

Along with the power connections, make sure also to check the cable attached to the foot pedal.

If your usage is a bit rough, then there is a good chance that there is damage to the power cables. In this situation, you will have to replace the defective cables.

This will help to get your Minn Kota Ultrex Foot Pedal working again. If you are having trouble trying to identify if the cables are damaged or not, then try looking for small cracks and breaks.

This should be a clear indication that the cables are broken and replacing them is the only option.

On the other hand, if there is no damage to the cables then your problem might be from the connections being loose.

You can test these easily by removing the cables and then installing them back in tightly. If the problem is still not fixed, then move on to the next step.

  1. Check The Battery On Your Vehicle

Aside from the connections, another important thing that people should keep in check is the battery on their vehicle.

This is responsible for providing the engine and foot pedal with energy that will be used to power these devices up. If the battery is faulty then none of the other devices will function.

Now that you understand this, some people might wonder why their foot pedal is the only thing running into issues.

This can mainly be due to the connections between the foot pedal and battery being faulty instead of all the wiring.


People can confirm this problem the same way they checked the power connections. Although make sure that you are testing the wires coming from the battery instead.

The voltmeter should help you in confirming if the resistance and voltage are normal or not.

If you notice that there are fluctuations or low current, then the battery and its wirings should be inspected on the spot. Make sure that the terminals on the battery are not covered with rust.

On top of this, the wirings should be tightly attached to the terminals to avoid problems.

Sometimes the battery can be low on power, or it might have gotten too old. If that’s the case, then get the battery replaced with a new one. Finally, one more thing to check is the circuit breaker on the vehicle.


This can accidentally trip in case of any fluctuations in current.

Luckily, people can easily fix the problem by switching the button on their circuit breaker back on.

If you notice that the fuse inside the breaker is burnt, then get it replaced. This is fairly simple but make sure that the new fuse has the same voltage readings as the previous one.

  1. Call Minn Kota Repair Shop

If you’re unable to isolate the problem and the foot pedal is unresponsive, then you should try calling the experts working at the Minn Kota repair shop.

That way, you won’t have to waste time in guessing games. Plus, professional guidance will help you get ahead of this problem quickly.

Make sure to provide extensive detail to the experts regarding the error. This information will make it easier for the professionals to understand the condition of your unit.

Once they have a rough idea of the problem, they might ask you to implement a few basic troubleshooting steps.

These steps will further isolate the issue until you can identify the problem. So, try to provide as much information as you can regarding the faulty foot pedal.

customer support

This process should help you in ensuring that the issue can be found easily and then dealt with.

However, if you’re unable to fix the issue even after trying all the troubleshooting setups, it is a good idea to take your unit to the Minn Kota repair shop.

All in all, the most common reason behind the Minn Kota Ultrex unit not working is faulty sensors and power connections.

So, make sure to try and check the functionality of your foot pedal. You can do this by using a multimeter on the control board and the power connections.

If both of these components are working perfectly then the Minn Kota repair center is your best bet.

People can usually get free replacements and repairs if their device is still under warranty. This is why make sure that you claim it in case the problem falls under the guidelines of the service.

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