7 Solutions To Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal Problems

motorguide trolling motor foot pedal problems
motorguide trolling motor foot pedal problems

The trolling motor can be a nice accessory as long as you’re keeping the controllers and the propeller in perfect condition. If you don’t purchase a motor that is easier to maintain, then there are a ton of issues that you will eventually have to deal with.

So, try to prioritize the servicing requirements over getting extra features on the motor. That way, you will secure long-term performance within the same budget.

The Motorguide trolling motors excel in this segment with their extensive range of easy-to-service motors. However, some people do run into foot pedal problems with the Motorguide trolling motor.

Here is a list of some of these issues and how you can manage them. As long as you understand what can cause problems like these, it should be a lot easier for people to fix these.

You should note that the steps can also help you in preventing problems like these from appearing again.

Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal Problems

  1. Defective Wirings on Trolling Motor Pedal

The primary reason why you might run into a problem with the foot pedal on your motor guide trolling motor can be traced back to corroded connection points or kinked wires in your setup.

Both of these issues are not that serious and can be isolated with the help of a multimeter. So, check the integrity of your wiring connections if the foot pedal is not working.

inspect wiring

If you’re lucky, simply cleaning the connection points should do the trick.

However, if the wiring is damaged, then the only thing you can do is install replacement wires in your system. That should eliminate the performance issues.

People might have trouble trying to locate the damaged cables on their own. When it comes to this, you should note that there are several methods that can be used for it.

This includes using a voltmeter to check the current coming from the cables.

If you don’t already have a multimeter with you then it can be borrowed from someone else. It is mostly better that you purchase the multimeter or voltmeter as it will help you out in the longer run.

Start by taking readings of the wires and then confirming if these have a stable current in them.

The wires running into issues should be replaced with new ones to fix your problem. If this does not work then another thing that you can try is observing the condition of the cables.

damage wire

Sometimes these might have small cracks or breaks on them that indicate that the wire is damaged.

The main reason wires break is because of improper routing. This is why people should remember to avoid this by keeping the wires routed properly.

If you notice that these are already damaged then there is no other option left rather than getting these replaced.

  1. Clogged Buttons on The Device

Sometimes debris can get stuck under the buttons and create problems with the buttons becoming unresponsive.

So, if a few buttons on your foot pedal are not responsive, then it can be traced back to ignored servicing requirements for too long.

If you’ve also not cleaned the foot pedal in a long time, then there is a good chance that simply cleaning the debris from under the buttons will eliminate this problem.

There won’t be any need to replace the buttons or any wiring connections in your system.

small pin

Some people might have trouble with this step as the dust might be stuck inside the buttons.

The best way to remove all the dust and clogs is by using a small pin that will allow you to clear out all of it. If you are still feeling hesitant then it is best that you contact a specialist instead.

  1. Damaged Switches On The Device

Several anglers have also pointed out issues with the damaged switches on the foot pedal. So, if you’re sure that there is no debris beneath the switches, then there is a good chance that you’re in a similar situation.

You can try your luck by checking the wiring behind these switches to narrow down on the issue.

However, the best solution is to engage the customer support members and claim your warranty.

This issue can get a bit too technical, and the only option is to replace the damaged switches in your foot pedal.

warranty graphic

Some users might want to replace the buttons on their own. If you are also one of these then it is best that you consult the manual provided along your product.

This should help you in navigating through the wires so that you can replace these properly.

  1. False Inputs On Trolling Motor Foot Pedal

The Motorguide trolling motor foot pedal will often run into issues with false input. So, if the motor is behaving erratically even though you’re not using the foot pedal, then you’ll have to recalibrate the controller.

The switches on this unit are quite sensitive and often get engaged without any substantial input. So, there is a good chance you’re accidentally putting some pressure on the unit, which is causing false input through the controller.

This will require you to go through some troubleshooting steps so make sure that you check the pedal properly.

As long as you understand what might be causing the problem, it should be a lot easier for you to fix the issue with your device.

  1. Steering in One Direction

It is also common to see reports on the foot pedal only steering in one direction. If you’re in this situation, then there are likely some issues with the voltage in your system.

Try checking the battery connection and make sure that the output from the battery terminals is optimal. You can use any voltage measuring device for this process, and if the voltage is not optimal, you will have to replace the battery.

This problem occurs after years of use, so if you’ve had the motor for a long time, there is a good chance you’re in a similar situation.

The battery should be purchased from a reliable brand so that it can last you a long time without any issues.

Some people might complain that the batteries they are using were recently bought.

When it comes to this, there are several other things that should be checked. Start by checking the terminals on your battery and make sure that the wires on it are tightly attached.

If you notice that the connections were lose, then tighten them to fix the problem.

On the other hand, if the connections were tight then it is best that you check the terminals for dust. If these are clogged then that might be preventing the battery from receiving current.

People can prevent the problem by keeping the terminals clean. On the other hand, you can also fix the problem by removing the dust on your own.

This might take some time but make sure that all the dust is removed properly.

Sometimes there might be corrosion on the terminals. If this happens then it is best that you remove this by scrubbing it off.

In case the corrosion is stuck, you should pour warm water over it to soften the layer. This should make it easier for people to take all of this off.

water drop

Another option that you have is to use a solution of water and vinegar. This works the same way as it also softens the corrosion forming on the terminals.

The process makes it easier for people to remove all the corroded layers so that they can use the battery without any further problems.

  1. No Response Coming From Device

Lastly, there have been a few owners that have complained about no response from the foot pedal. This issue is most often caused by a faulty connection between the controller and the receiver.

So, try to pair the controller again and check the cables one more time for any kinked or frayed sections. Ideally, the Motorguide Trolling motor foot pedal should start working after pairing the unit again.

The majority of these problems can be avoided by following a consistent maintenance cycle. So, try to save some time each month for cleaning the unit. However, if the unit is new, call the dealer immediately to fix the device.

  1. Contacting Customer Support Services

tech support

The steps mentioned above are enough for people to deal with most problems with the Motorguide Trolling Motor Foot Pedal.

If you notice that your device is still not working even after trying the steps mentioned above, then there might be something damaged on it.

People can try replacing the faulty parts with new ones to fix the problem however these can take a lot of time to find.

Talking about this if you notice that you are having trouble trying to find the damaged parts then it is best that you contact the support team for Motorguide.

They might ask you some questions regarding the problem so make sure that you answer these carefully. Once done, the company should then help you in getting rid of the issues.

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