5 Practices To Deal With Motorguide XI5 GPS Not Working

motorguide xi5 gps not working
motorguide xi5 gps not working

Having a reliable trolling motor with GPS features can transform your fishing setup.

So, you should put extensive thought into purchasing the right trolling motor for your fishing setup. If you’re not familiar with established brands, then you should seek help from other anglers.

That way, you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a unit that you won’t add much utility to your fishing setup.

With that said, a lot of anglers have reported issues with Motorguide XI5 GPS not working. This is a famous device that comes with tons of features.

The first thing that you should note is that the device keeps your boat stable even when traveling at fast speeds.

This can be amazing as you have a better chance of catching fish. The GPS on top ensures that you stay in the correct location without any additional worries.

While these features are amazing, the issues reported with the device can make it annoying to use.

So, if you’re also having problems with the same trolling motor, then the following solutions should help you fix the problem. Make sure that you go through these carefully to avoid further issues.

Motorguide XI5 GPS Not Working

  1. Check The Wirings On Your Motorguide XI5

The first thing you should do if your Motorguide XI5 GPS is not working is check the wiring connections.

It is quite common for anglers to run into issues with the wiring connections and broken wires inside the unit.

So, you will have to thoroughly inspect the trolling motor to get ahead of this issue. As long as you’re somewhat experienced with electronic units, it shouldn’t be too difficult to inspect the wiring cluster.

inspect wiring

You can further rely on a multimeter to check the wiring units and isolate the problem.

So, just connect the multimeter across the terminals of the unit to check for continuity. If you don’t get the desired reading from a particular section, then you will have to replace the wiring.

Making sure that you check for damaged cables and wirings can also be important.

Most of these should have small breaks or cracks on them that indicate that the wire required replacement. If there are no cracks, then secure the writing connections properly.

In most situations, you can also fix the issue after you clean the wiring connections and secure them properly. However, if you’re dealing with broken wires, then you should replace them immediately.

That way, the power issues will be fixed, and your trolling motor will start working again. Luckily, the inspection process is quite simple, and as long as you have a multimeter, the issue should be fixed easily.


The problem is mostly caused by improper routing which is why people should keep this in mind.

As long as the wires are routed properly, problems like these can be avoided in the future. You can also install bits along the cables to keep them locked in place.

  1. Check The Fuse On Your Motor

Along with the wiring cluster, you will have to inspect individual fuses in the system to find the cause of the error.

If the multimeter is not showing continuity, then you will have to isolate the problem to a defective fuse.

If you’re able to trace back the issue to a faulty fuse, then you won’t have to spend much money on the fuse replacement.

Just go to your nearest equipment store and purchase a fuse replacement. The voltage ratings on this should be the same as your previous fuse.


Using a fuse that is not compatible will simply cause further problems that might be a lot more annoying to deal with.

These are small devices that cut off the connection from your device in case of any fluctuations or low currents.

If the fuse is not compatible, then it will not work which increases the chances of your board getting damaged. Make sure that you avoid this from happening and purchase the fuse carefully.

These are also quite cheap so make sure that you purchase several of them and keep them stored.

Similarly, you can try your luck by asking other anglers for a spare fuse. After purchasing the fuse, just replace the defective fuse in your unit, and your trolling motor will start working perfectly.

  1. Battery Might Be Causing Problems

On the other hand, if there is no continuity across the whole unit then the issue is likely because of the battery unit. People can isolate the problem the same way they checked their fuse.

It is best that you keep a voltmeter with you as it is used for tons of troubleshooting steps.

Depending upon the age of the battery unit, there is a good chance that your battery has drained out.

battery graphic

So, directly connect the multimeter with the battery terminals and check for continuity. If the battery terminals show proper output, then the issue is with the rust connection points.

This can usually be prevented by taking care of the battery and maintaining it regularly. The device gathers dust and debris over time that collects around its terminals.

These also catch some corrosion over time that should be removed after every few weeks to prevent problems.

If you had not been doing this, then the corrosion might have increased so much that the battery is unable to pass through electricity.

The problem usually tricks people into thinking that their battery is faulty but as soon as the corrosion and dust are removed, the problem should be fixed.

If you notice that simply scrubbing off the excess dust is not working, then there is a chance that it might be too old.

People can mostly remove corrosion that is stuck by using a solution of vinegar and water. If you don’t have access to this, then try pouring some warm water over the terminals.

water drop

Now scrub the terminals using a toothbrush and the corrosion should start coming off. Make sure that you remove all of this so that the problem can be fixed.

On the other hand, if the battery is drained out, then the only solution to get around this issue is by installing a battery replacement.

This can cost a lot, but you should note that the battery lasts a long time. This is why you won’t have to worry about it running into problems anytime soon.

Just make sure that you purchase the battery from a reliable brand so that it functions properly. On top of this, keep the device maintained in the future so that similar problems don’t appear again.

  1. Replace Circuit Board On Motorguide XI5 GPS

The last thing to fix this issue is to purchase a circuit board replacement for your unit. For this purpose, you will have to reach out to customer support and explain the situation to them.

Make sure to include the model details of the trolling motor and request a compatible circuit board.

Similarly, you can also take your motor to an approved repair center and have it fixed by an expert. Both of these solutions work and selecting one of them depends on your preferences.

Before you get the circuit board replaced, it is best that you check the part carefully. Testing its resistance using a multimeter is a great way of ensuring that the problem can be found.

If the circuit board is damaged, then either replace it on your own or take the device to Motorguide.

  1. Faulty or Damaged Parts On The Device

Finally, the steps mentioned above are enough to fix the problem you have been running into.

However, in some cases, the problem can be from another part instead. There are tons of moving parts inside the Motorguide XI5 GPS unit so it can be hard to find the exact reason.

When it comes to this, people can take their time trying to troubleshoot the device.

This takes a lot of time and effort which can all be avoided by simply contacting the support team instead. Hence if you are not familiar with the device then make sure that you ask Motorguide instead.


If you have a valid warranty, then there is no need to bother with fixing the motor yourself.

All you have to do is call the dealer and claim the warranty. Depending upon the validity of the claim, the dealer should provide you with a unit replacement.

So, make sure to involve the dealer if the purchase was recent. Hopefully, you will save a ton of money in the form of replacement components.

However, if your motor is not under warranty, then the only thing you can do is rely on professional support.

Just help the professionals isolate the problem, and then they will suggest specialized troubleshooting steps that will fix your specific issue.

If the issue cannot be fixed using simple steps, then you will be asked to send in your motor. This will then be repaired by professionals, and you will have to pay for the labor and replaced parts.

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  1. i have the motorguide 24 volt xi5 i pilot. the gps works steers left and right. it turns left and right with the remote but the trolling motor does not run. I checked to see if i was getting voltage to the brushes. and it shows 26.3 volts all the time. even when i turn the remote switch off. ive checked the armature with ohm meter and did not find any opens or shorts. any ideas would help. Thanks Jim


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