Motorguide Xi3 vs Xi5 – Which Trolling Motor Is Better?

motorguide xi3 vs xi5
motorguide xi3 vs xi5

Having a reliable trolling motor is all the freedom that anglers need to get the desired efficiency from their fishing trip.

With the increase in the number of trolling motor brands in the market, it has become somewhat harder to find a reliable company that caters to all customer needs.

If you’re new to the market and don’t know much about trolling motors, going with Motorguide systems is a good idea. These provide the perfect foundation, and you won’t have to try hard to adjust to this fishing system.

So, if you are in need of a trolling motor, it helps to stick to one of the more reliable brands like Motorguide, Minn Kota, and Garmin. Here we will be covering a few aspects of trolling motors Motorguide Xi3 VS Motorguide Xi5.

If you’re looking to buy a trolling motor from this brand, this information should help with the purchase decision.

Motroguide Xi3 vs The Motorguide Xi5

Specifics  Xi5 Xi3
Propeller 2 Blade 3 Blade
Boat Length Around 17 – 21 ft. Around 14 – 17 ft.
Remote Fob & Pedal Wireless Key Fob
GPS Available Available
Voltage 12 or 24 or 36 V 12 – 24 V

One of the first things that you need to look at is the size of your boat.

That will serve as a good foundation to decide which unit will suit you better. While both of these units are from the same brands, there is a substantial difference in the performance of these units.

This performance difference is mainly in the form of the trust offered by these systems. Other than that, the smart features are pretty similar, and you won’t get any unique features while going with one option over the other.

In a sense, you can say that there are more similarities than differences between these models. You will get the same design, the same finish, almost the same smart features, and the same controls.

So, keep that in mind, as you can’t go wrong with either one of these options.


The only thing that you need to look at is the requirements of your boat. Going with one unit over the other won’t serve you well when it is not really compatible with the boat.

So, be sure to check the boat requirements, and that will make it much easier to pick the perfect machine.

You can further choose to reach out to the dealer, and he will guide you on the best unit for your boat. This is especially true if you’re not aware of the local water conditions.

There is no shame in seeking help from a professional, and he might just save you from a bad purchase.

Here are some more details on both units to help you finalize the purchase decision 

Motorguide Xi3

Even though this trolling motor brings a lot of power to the table, many experts have mentioned issues with the trolling motor.

The most prominent difference between the Xi3 and the Xi5 is that there are three motor blades on the Xi3, while the Xi5 uses a 2 Blade safari.

With that said, the power on the Xi3 can range anywhere from 45 lbs. thrust to 70 lbs. The power requirements of the motor will also change positively with respect to the thrust of the motor.


So, you might need to install a better power source to overcome this issue.

The one thing that is missing in the Motorguide Xi3 is that there is no wireless foot pedal. That means you will still have to struggle with cable management and similar problems while trying to take care of the direction of the boat.

Overall, the dimensions of the Xi3 are smaller than the Xi5, and it is recommended for boats under 17 feet. So, if your fishing boat exceeds this upper limit, it might be better to go for a Xi5.

Not only will the Xi5 bring more power, but this model is easier to use and provides better mobility.

As far as the anchor mode is concerned, both of these models bring the spot lock feature that makes it easier for anglers to stay in one spot. All you have to do is press a button, and the motor will take care of the rest.

There is no need to extend manual anchors or rods to keep the boat in one place. Rather this trolling motor will keep the boat steady as you try to look for more fish.


So, be sure to keep all of these features and the compact structure in mind when you’re on a smaller boat.

There is no point in spending the extra cash on the Xi5 when the boat is within the 14 ft. range. Going with a massive motor on a smaller boat can also create some problems down the road, and you won’t get any efficiency.

Motorguide Xi5

With a slightly bigger design as compared to Xi3, this trolling motor brings more power to the table. You can choose between different variants of power ranging from 55 to 105 lbs. of thrust.

So, if you need a powerful motor on a relatively larger boat, then Xi5 is the ideal option for you. It is sufficient for boats ranging from 17 to 21 feet. It also provides superior power to keep the boat steady as you try to go about your fishing adventure.

There are many quality-of-life changes in this model, and you get a wireless pedal along with the remote.


This wireless pedal eliminates the need for cable management and makes the handling of the motor relatively easy. In all aspects, the Motorguide Xi5 is superior to the Xi3.

It will be somewhat heavy on your budget if you are thinking of purchasing a Xi3. As compared to the 24 volts upper limit on the Xi3, you might need to get a 36 volts power source for this trolling motor if you choose the 105 lbs. of thrust.

Other than that, the design is quite similar and provides an overall benefit to the anglers. You won’t get any upgrades here, and this motor is just better because of its improved thrust.

The only complaint that users bring up is that this motor does not make it easier to attach a transducer. So, after spending thousands of dollars on your Livescope device, it might not be possible to attach it to this model of the trolling motor.

Moreover, you can’t try to pair up this unit with a smaller boat. You will be wasting a lot of power, and the unit will get out of control in the calmer regions. You need to stick with the smaller and more compact units when using a smaller boat.

So, if you have already made the purchase, try getting an expert to help you with the mounting process. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the transducer as you try to use the device.

Overall, there are many other alternatives available on the market if you have the right budget. It might be better to look towards more prestigious brands like Minn Kota or Garmin before making the investment in a trolling motor.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the more important pointers that you need to keep in mind when you can’t seem to decide between these two units.

Going with the Xi3 is better when you have a smaller boat, and you will be saving a decent chunk of cash when going with this option.


On the other hand, going with the Xi5 is the better idea when you’re trying to get through rougher regions on a larger boat.

While the Xi3 can serve bigger boats in calmer regions, there is no point in going cheap and compromising the efficiency of your unit.

A trolling motor will last you for several years. If you’re new to the market, don’t bother with saving a few bucks, as that will cost you more in the long run. Instead, you need to prioritize the requirements of your boat and the water conditions.

If the waves are a bit rough, then going with the Xi5 is the better idea. So, be sure to spend the extra cash to add the Xi5 to your budget. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase and will be served with a powerful thrust from this system.

Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with changing the system for the next few years when using this system from Motorguide. 

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