6 Compatible Fish Finders With Minn Kota Terrova

what fish finders are compatible with minn kota terrova
what fish finders are compatible with minn kota terrova

Developing a fishing system is never an easy task, and you need years of practical experience to create the ideal system.

However, if you’re new to the market, you can rely on experts working in the hardware store as well as the professionals available on the online forums.

After spending money on a good trolling motor, you need to look towards upgrading the fish finders on your system.

Even though the better fish finders can cost you a fair bit of the budget, purchasing premium gadgets will have a long-term impact on the performance of your fishing trip.

So, to avoid wasting time on bad fishing spots, invest in a new fish finder. Many beginners can get confused about what fish finder pairs well with their trolling motor.

You will often notice anglers asking about what fish finders are compatible with Minn Kota Terrova. This is an incredible motor, and the following list of fish finders will help you find the right unit for your machine.

What Fish Finders Are Compatible With Minn Kota Terrova?

  1. Garmin Striker

Garmin is one of the first brands that will come up when you’re browsing through the fish finders that are compatible with Minn Kota Terrova. It brings everything from extensive features to easy installation and much more.

This option brings a compact screen that is perfect for smaller boats, and the high-sensitivity GPS makes it easier to create new routers and manage the positioning of your boat.

garmin striker

So, go with Garmin Striker if you wish to save money on a compact unit while also enjoying a feature-rich setup.

You’ll get a 4.3” display and an extensive range of GPS features. Moreover, the installation is easy enough that you won’t have to seek help from an expert. The only downside here is that the brightness of the screen can be a bit low at times.

For this reason, you will struggle to get an optimal presentation when there is direct glare from the sunlight. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about this issue if you pick the right time to start your fishing trip.

  1. Lowrance Elite

Lowrance might not be the most affordable choice in the current market, but the quality of fish finders is nothing short of exceptional.

You will get a bigger and brighter screen that offers active imaging along with high-resolution images of fish around your fishing system.

Moreover, you will get SideScan and DownScan features with this fish finder. However, the price point is a bit of a problem for some users. So, you might have to re-evaluate your budget before spending your money on a new trolling motor.

Lowrance elite

Next to Garmin, Lowrance is the only real option and will help you get through the fishing trip without any issues.

You won’t feel the need to upgrade to a better unit for a hot minute. With that said, it is recommended that you get this system installed by an expert.

However, the brightness and the larger screen brought forward by this unit are well worth the investment. You won’t have to worry about any glare and will be able to easily keep track of the positioning of your boat. 

So, if you don’t mind spending a few more bucks on the right unit, Lowrance Elite is the only real option for you.

It will keep you served for years without presenting any errors. Just make sure to install it correctly, or seek help from a professional if you’re not sure about the installation.

  1. Humminbird Helix

If you are talking about the premium Fishfinder brands, then Humminbird is arguably one of the most decent options that you can install in your boat.

The resolution, as well as compatibility with Navionics, makes it the perfect fish finder for your Minn Kota Terrova.

You’ll benefit a lot from the split screen features and the smart features maintained by this sonar.

From down imaging to detailed charts, you will have everything at the tip of your finger. Moreover, the brightness and the screen size are not that small.

humminbird helix

So, if you’re not sure about what fish finders are compatible with Minn Kota, starting with the Humminbird portfolio should be your first choice.

The chances are that the Helix model will be perfect for your fishing trip if you need unmatched clarity from your fishing system.

The best thing about this unit is its portability, and you won’t have to clear a massive space on the boat to make use of this system. So, be sure to stick with this option if you’re struggling to find the right fit for your boat. 

  1. Simrad GO

The GO series from Simard is also a decent option when you’re looking for powerful fish finders that are compatible with Minn Kota. Depending upon the specific model you purchase, you will be spending a few hundred dollars on this purchase.

So, if you need more power from the system, then there is no harm in going with Simrad. While the features on this device might not be as much as the Humminbird options, you won’t have to worry about any performance-related issues.

For this reason, you should give this fish finder a try if you’re looking for consistent performance. Moreover, the budget will still be reasonable when you compare this device with other units.

Simrad Go

So, be sure to test out Simard when you can’t find the right fit for your trolling motor.

  1. Lowrance HDS

Lowrance HDS is next on the list of the compatible list for Minn Kota Terrova. With several optional chart upgrades and Navionics, Lowrance HDS might be one of the most feature-rich options on this list.

You will get a ton of programmable keys with this system, and the compatibility with preloaded maps further adds to the value of this fish finder. However, the price point is a major concern for this fish finder.

lowrance HDS

So, only go with this unit if you’re willing to spend a good amount of money on Lowrance.

  1. Raymarine Axiom

Now, Raymarine might not be that well known in the market, but the Axiom lineup is still a decent choice for most anglers.

It is true there are a ton of complaints about the performance of this brand, but many experts have said good things about Raymarine Axiom.

So, if you’re not that thrilled about spending thousands of dollars on some of the more expensive units from Lowrance or Humminbird, there is no harm in giving Raymarine a shot.

Saving a few bucks here and there will add up to a lot in the long run.


There is a decent possibility that you will like this fish finder, and it brings all the basic features that you might expect in a newer model. For this reason, you should test out Raymarine Axiom and also seek opinions from local experts.

They will be able to guide you better on whether or not this unit will match your local fishing requirements. It all comes down to getting the right fit according to the fishing conditions.

You won’t be able to pick the right unit when you’re unaware of the fishing conditions and the surroundings.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the best options that you can rely on when finding the best fish finders for Minn Kota Terrova.

Almost all of these units bring years of consistent performance along with robust dealer support and warranty status. So, if you do run into issues, the warranty claim will have you sorted.


Similarly, you can stick to a reasonable budget even when going with options like Garmin. It all comes down to how much money you’re willing to spend and the smart features that you’re aiming for.

Most professionals will either go with Garmin or Lowrance, while other casual anglers do like the design offered by Simrad GO and Raymarine.

You can also judge the requirements of your system accordingly and go with an option that best fits your budget. There is no point in wasting more time on the purchase.

However, if you still can’t make the decision, then most of the dealers will bring years of professional knowledge to you. You can just ask these experts about the best unit for your boat. All you have to do is to explain or mention the requirements.

From there, these dealers will help you find the right device by underscoring different features that will be valuable to you. 

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