3 Solutions For Yamaha Outboard Starter Solenoid Clicking 

yamaha outboard starter solenoid clicking
yamaha outboard starter solenoid clicking

Yamaha Outboard has established itself quite nicely in the current market. There are a ton of anglers that have been using Yamaha Outboard for decades. It is quite rare to see anyone talking badly about this unit, and it doesn’t create any extensive problem as long as you follow a monthly maintenance cycle. So, make sure to keep your unit maintained if you want to avoid long-term issues with this outboard. A lot of reports have recently been recorded regarding Yamaha Outboard Starter Solenoid Clicking. If you’re also struggling with similar outboard issues, then the following list should help you maneuver through the issue.

Yamaha Outboard Starter Solenoid Clicking

1. Check Battery 

The first thing you should do in this situation is to check the power output at the battery terminals. In most situations, the voltage from the battery is just sufficient for the unit to start working. So, there is a good chance that you’re running into this problem because of battery issues. To isolate this problem, all you need is a multimeter or any other voltage measuring device.

Just connect the multimeter with the battery terminals and check the reading on your unit. If you’re getting low voltage, then the only thing you can do is replace the battery pack. That should eliminate the problem with starter solenoid clicking in your Yamaha outboard.

2. Check Connections

If the battery in your unit is working perfectly, but you’re still struggling to get the desired performance from your outboard starter solenoid, then the issue might be with a bad connection point. The presence of rust and corrosion can impact the power flow and leads to clicking issues.

To get around this problem, you will have to clean these connection points with vinegar and then secure them properly. Ideally, this should eliminate the problem, and the starter solenoid will start working perfectly. However, make sure also to remove the vinegar residue with a clean cloth to avoid issues in the future. Hopefully, everything will be fixed at this stage, and you won’t have to bother with more solutions.

3. Replace Solenoid

If you’re still stuck in the same issue after cleaning the connection points, then you’re likely dealing with a defective solenoid. Luckily, the replacement solenoid is not that expensive, and you can have it replaced within a few minutes. So, your best bet here is to reach out to local experts. That way, you won’t have to spend any extended time on this issue.

All in all, these are a few things that you can try to get around that starter solenoid clicking issue. Most often than not, this issue will be related to the insufficient power supply from the battery. However, if you’re sure that the power output from the battery is sufficient, then make sure to check all the wiring and connection points. There is a good chance that you’ll find a kinked wire or a dirty connection point that you have to replace to get the desired performance. Make sure to involve customer support if you’re in possession of a valid warranty.

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