20 HP Tohatsu Reviews – Is It Worth Buying?

20 hp tohatsu reviews
20 hp tohatsu reviews

Going cheap on the outboard will only have a negative impact on the fishing performance, and you will be wasting money on a unit that will end up breaking down in a few months.

So, it is always better to set aside a generous budget and go with a reliable brand that will last you for decades.

There are tons of brands that people can choose from which might confuse users at first. Though, it is important that you go through these companies carefully.

This helps people in understanding how the motors from these brands vary and which one they should go for.

Many established brands like Minn Kota and Merc have been serving anglers for several decades with phenomenal units. Recently Tohatsu has also captured a decent market share when it comes to high-power outboard motors.

The 20 HP Tohatsu is a solid option for most beginners, and the following review on this unit will help push you in the right direction.

Make sure that you go through it carefully as it should help you in understanding the features of this motor.

20 HP Tohatsu Reviews

While the top-tier performance and build quality of the 20 HP Tohatsu motor matches the performance of other premium options in the market, it further differentiates itself with a lightweight and compact size.

There are several benefits provided to people through these features.

The performance usually ensures that you can travel on water surfaces without having to worry about tides. On top of this, the lightweight and compact size of the motor means that people can easily control their vehicle.

This allows for better stability when traveling at fast speeds.


You will find many great reviews about the fuel economy of this unit while other owners are struggling to get consistent savings on the fuel bill.

This outboard has been described as the future of outboard motors and is used by countless anglers across the nation.

The recoil starter on this model minimizes outboard issues and increases performance consistency. As far as the accessibility features are concerned, you will get better control over the tilt trim because of the innovative design.

According to experts, the heavier components on this unit are moved closer to the pivot point to make it easier for anglers to lift up the unit.

Its compact size makes maneuverability easier in shallower regions where there is just not enough space for heavier outboards.

So, you won’t be compromising any power while still enjoying a phenomenal performance from the 20 HP Tohatsu outboard.

All of these factors substantially add to the value proposition with a sharp 90-degree turning radius for the anglers.

battery concept

This brand also focused on increasing the size of alternators to better manage the battery charging speed in the unit. It is designed to increase convenience while limiting downtime.

So, if you’re looking for an efficient unit to work with your boat, then there isn’t a better option available in the market.

The fast charging can also be great as people don’t have to worry about their fish finder and other accessories not working. Though, keep in mind that maintaining the battery is still required.

There are tons of issues that people can run into if they don’t keep the battery maintained.

You can further extend your budget to go with a better model from this brand to enhance the automated control features. On top of that, the tiller section will make handling effortless over the life of this outboard.

Overall, the 20 HP Tohatsu is the perfect balance between high performance and an easily operable unit that you can purchase from the market.

You can easily adjust the steering friction on this outboard to manage maneuverability over rough water conditions.

So, if you’re going through a rough weather patch, adjusting the friction will increase your control over the machine. On top of that, you won’t have to exert yourself if you’re going on an extended fishing trip.

All of these features make the Tohatsu 20 HP motor the perfect solution for most anglers.

The Tohatsu 20 HP motor is equipped with tons of other smaller features as well that some people might be interested in. If you want to check these out, then it is best that you visit the official website for this brand.


Entering the model number should provide you with its complete list of specifications.

This helps people in going through the motor and deciding if it is worth it or not. You also have the option to search for a dealer nearby you that might have the vehicle.

This is another great option as you can simply visit the dealer and check out the vehicle for yourself.

When it comes to running into issues with the motor, people should note that this device usually comes with a warranty service. This lasts several years but the guidelines on it should be kept in mind at all times.

These will slightly vary depending on the dealer you get this motor from.

This is why make sure that you go through the guidelines once. These determine if the problem you are running into falls under the warranty service or not.

Aside from this, people should note that the device also comes with a manual that can be used in case of any problems.

This contains troubleshooting steps that can be followed to fix most issues. Although if none of these are working then you will have to contact the support team for Tohatsu.

The team will ask you some questions regarding the vehicle so make sure that you answer all of these carefully.

Once done, you will then be provided with some simple troubleshooting steps that can be used. If these are still not enough to fix the problem, then you will have to take your motor back to the dealer.


If the issue falls under the warranty guidelines, then you will be provided with free replacements.

However, if the warranty does not cover your issue, then you will have to pay the price for all the replaced parts plus a small labor fee. While this can be annoying, you should note that your problem will get fixed.

Is 20 HP Tohatsu Better Than Mercury?

While you can’t necessarily say that the Mercury unit is better than the 20 HP Tohatsu outboard, the market sentiment is clearly tilted toward Mercury.

Anglers seem to be in love with this brand because of the better dealer support and warranty policy.

So, in terms of resale value, you will fetch a better price with the Mercury unit. However, if you’re strictly talking about performance and easy handling, then going with Tohatsu is the better option for you.

It will keep you comfortable without having any negative impact on the fishing adventure.

The major area where Tohatsu outperforms Mercury is the outboard noise. According to anglers, the outboard from Mercury is quite loud and can be a bit annoying to deal with.


On the other hand, Tohatsu has focused extensively on minimizing the sound coming from the outboard to make the fishing trip more enjoyable for all parties. For this reason, more and more owners are shifting towards Tohatsu.

So, if you’re not purchasing an outboard strictly for resale purchases and need something that can be used in the long run, then going with Tohatsu will serve you far better. Seek more details from the dealer about your local conditions.

With that being said, the information provided above is usually enough for most people to make their decision. Keeping your requirements in mind usually allows users to find a motor that will best suit their usage.

This is why make sure that you consider all of these factors before purchasing a device.

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