iBobber Classic vs iBobber Kraken – Which Unit To Pick?

ibobber classic vs kraken
ibobber classic vs kraken

iBobber is the perfect solution for anglers that don’t own a boat or are working with a smaller unit.

This affordable piece of equipment is one of the easiest to handle fish finders on the market. You’ll enjoy exceptional efficiency from this unit, and it is marketed as the smallest fish finder on the market.

The device is easy to use as well as portable which makes it a great option to go for.

This is also equipped with a long-range and rechargeable battery that will last most users a long time. The fish finder can be connected to both android and iOS which also makes it versatile.

You can just cast it out after pairing it through Bluetooth, and you’ll have a comprehensive idea of the surroundings.

However, a common question that you’ll find on the community forms is whether or not there are any differences between the iBobber Classic and iBobber Kraken.

So, if you’re confused about the same thing, the following details will improve your perspective.

This is because we will be providing you with a comparison between these two devices. Going through it should help you in understanding how these vary from each other.

iBobber Classic vs iBobber Kraken Comparison:

Fish Finder System iBobber Classic Fish Finder iBobber Kraken Fish Finder
Power Source For Device Battery Powered Device Battery Powered Device
Screen Size 5 inches Display 5 inches Display
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth Device Bluetooth Device
Color Of Device Red and White Green and Black

iBobber Classic Fish Finder

The iBobber Classic system is more popular as it is widely available on the market, and you won’t have a hard time trying to source a reliable dealer.

It is incredibly easy to set up this system, and you’ll just have to download the smart application to pair the iBobber device.


Once the unit is paired up, and you’re sure that the battery status is optimal, the use is as simple as casting your fishing setup.

When you bring it next to the Kraken version, there aren’t many differences that will impact the purchase decision.

You’ll only get a different style, and all the basic features of both devices are the same. So, instead of looking at the color and the design of the iBobber, you should just pick the device that is cheaper.

There won’t be any improved results with the Kraken iBobber, and you’ll just be wasting money to get a different color.

While there are some users that claim that Kraken will bring more clarity and range to your system, that is not true.

The only differentiating factor is the style of the iBobber device, and you can go with either one of the devices depending on your budget.

Ideally, most stores will have both iBobber Classic and Kraken up for the same price, but when it comes to sales, you’ll find better deals on the Classic version.

Overall, iBobber Classic is a complete device, and there is nothing wrong with this system.

It will fit right into your fishing system, and if you don’t prioritize the aesthetics of your setup, the price point should be your only concern.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem too bad to spend a few extra bucks on the Kraken model if the color theme of your fishing system better matches Kraken.

Some people might wonder about the features of this fish finder. When it comes to this, you should note that there are several things.

The device is usually powered up using a battery and its screen size is around 5 inches.

Though this can vary easily as you can connect the fish finder with your mobile phone or tablet. Depending on this, the screen size can greatly change, allowing you to look at the images clearly.

The device also comes with features such as a fish alarm. This can be enabled through the settings, and it will then alert the user whenever a fish approaches them.


Keep in mind that the varieties should be within the range of this fish finder, or the alarm will not ring.

The company suggests that the iBobber fish finder can work in any body of water no matter what the weather conditions are.

Although, it is still recommended that you try using it in clear water as the images provided might not have proper visibility in harsher conditions.

iBobber Kraken Fish Finder

While the tag of “limited edition” and a unique color scheme does resonate with most anglers, there aren’t any real benefits that you will realize by going with the iBobber Kraken.

Everything from the smart features to the battery life and the depth range is the same in both models.

ibobber kraken

You will enjoy the same results, and there aren’t any changes in the initial setup. So, the final purchase decision comes down to which unit is offering the better price.

Most often than not, you’ll find anglers going with the Classic model because it is widely available, and there is an abundance of sales on this item.

So, it is not that hard to find an iBobber classic for a discounted price, and you’ll be saving a fair bit of cash when going with the iBobber Classic over the iBobber Kraken version.

All the claims about the Kraken being better than the Classic iBobber are baseless, and the basic stats on both devices present the same value to the owners.

So, you shouldn’t trust any dealer that presents the Kraken model as the superior unit when you compare it next to the iBobber Classic.

Overall, Kraken doesn’t differ that much from iBobber when it comes to price as well but if you’re buying multiple units, going with the Classic is the better choice.

On the other hand, if you believe that the color and style of the iBobber Kraken better suit the fishing conditions, you should prioritize the Kraken model.

Make sure to seek further information from the experts working at ReelSonar for a better perspective.

They will guide you through the different dimensions of each device, and you’ll be able to pick the unit that better fits the existing fishing system.

With that being said, another great thing about the customer support team is that they can be contacted in case of any issues.

The team might ask you a few questions regarding your problem, but you will then be provided with a list of troubleshooting steps.

This can be great as people can use these steps to get rid of most problems with their fish finder. If you notice that none of these work then you can use alternatives.

When it comes to this, you should first try troubleshooting the device properly. The manual provided along the device should help you out in most cases.

Although, if none of the steps are working then your device might be damaged. Luckily, the brand ReelSonar provides its users with warranty service.

This can be used to get free replacements and repairs on the devices. In most cases, you can get the problems fixed or even get a new device in return.

Just make sure that you go through the warranty guidelines once as it should be able to help you out.

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