6 Known iBobber Problems (Read This Before Buying)

ibobber problems
ibobber problems

iBobber might be the best Fishfinder for smaller regions where anglers can’t really take up a boat. However, when it comes to the performance consistency of this device, there have been a few complaints here and there. The majority of common issues with the iBobber device are not that complicated and can be fixed without much headache.

If you’re planning on taking an iBobber to your next fishing trip, there is a good chance that you’ll run into some of the problems mentioned here. The good thing is that you can go through the basic fixes to get the iBobber working again. Follow through with this list to learn more about iBobber problems and their solutions.

iBobber Problems:

  1. Bluetooth Connection Issues

The most common issue with the iBobber is that it won’t connect through Bluetooth. Most of the time, this is just a minor bug that can be fixed by completely turning off the device and then starting it again. This will help address the minor connection bugs and can cycle the Bluetooth on and off multiple times to address this complication. Some owners pointed out that you’ll have to repeat these steps more than once to fix the device.

  1. Battery Problems

There have been a few reports about the battery life not being that great. While it is entirely possible that all the issues with the iBobber battery point towards a defective battery, the majority of these reports showed that it was the charger that was not charging the unit properly. SO, instead of purchasing the battery replacement or claiming the warranty on your unit, you need to find a new charger for your iBobber. That should be enough to address all the battery complications.

  1. Syncing Issues

The iBobber system won’t update any information when you’ve missed the syncing process. There are a ton of reasons that can play into this situation, but the complications with iBobber being too far from the smartphone are the leading cause behind this problem. So, before anything else, you should pick up the iBobber and move it closer to the mobile phone.

Try to cycle the Bluetooth on and off a few times as well when you’re dealing with this situation, as connection problems are not that rare with these compact Fishfinder. You can further involve an expert from customer support to help you around this complication with the iBobber not syncing to the mobile application.

  1. Blank Map & Weather Information

Sometimes, the map will appear blank, and there won’t be any weather updates through the smart application. This issue entirely points towards network issues, and your iBobber needs a functioning network connection to update all information. So, if the internet connection is not working perfectly, then you need to make sure to try a different service provider.

Ideally, the weather updates should present themselves as soon as you enter the service coverage regions. However, if you’re in a remote location, you won’t be able to get any of the smart details through the iBobber device.

  1. Disabled Sharing Features

Sharing features might not seem that significant, but if you’re unable to transfer logs, it is almost always related to network issues. So, just check for the service coverage and try seeking help from the customer support experts if the issues persist even after enabling permissions through the application settings on your mobile device.

  1. Disrupted Sonar Information

Lastly, problems with the disrupted sonar information are also pretty common and show that you’re reeling the iBobber too fast. So, just slow down the pace and check the response from the device. Similarly, if the waves are too high, you need to limit the range of the iBobber and make sure not to cast the line too far. Otherwise, the iBobber won’t be able to communicate with the mobile device, and you’ll get missed information through the smart unit.

Overall, these were some of the more common issues that you can expect with the iBobber smart system. All of these issues are pretty minor and not that difficult to fix. However, if you’re still unable to put your finger on the exact problem with your iBobber system, make sure to engage the dealer about any and all issues with your system. He will guide you more effectively through the troubleshooting process.

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