Lowrance Active Target vs Garmin LiveScope – Which Imaging Device Is Better?

lowrance active target vs garmin
lowrance active target vs garmin

Lowrance is the right brand for you if you don’t have a generous budget and want something to improve your private fishing trip. It is true that it can’t be compared to Garmin in terms of peak performance.

However, when you look at the value proposition by matching the price tag with the features, Lowrance seems like a more practical option.

The difference in price point is too substantial between the two brands, and you will need to make a purchase decision accordingly.

It is common to see anglers talk about the Lowrance Active Target vs the Garmin LiveScope variant. If you’re also confused about the different features of these two devices, let’s go over them briefly.

There are several differences between these devices that people should be aware of.

We will be using this article to provide you with all the information required so that it can be easier for you to purchase a device that will last you a long time.

This should also help you in understanding how the devices vary and which one will suit your usage better.

Lowrance Active Target VS Garmin LiveScope: Imaging Device Comparison

Live Sonar Unit Lowrance Active Target Sonar Garmin LiveScope Sonar
Bandwidth Of Sonar 135 x 18 Degrees 135 x 20 Degrees
Range Of Sonar 200 ft Range 200 ft Range
Frequency Of Sonar 550 to 1100 kHz 530 to 1100 kHz
Long Range Image Quality Best Imagine Quality Standard Imaging Quality
Sonar Mount Trolling Motor or Barrel Mount Trolling Motor Mount

Lowrance Active Target

The primary difference between the Active Target from Lowrance and the LiveScope from Garmin is that you get a narrower cone with the Lowrance unit.

This sonar device does not cover as much area when compared with the Garmin sonar.

However, this does not mean that the Lowrance unit is inferior to the Garmin unit in this aspect. Having a narrower cone does bring in some benefits for the Lowrance unit as you notice brighter images on the screen.

The results are more defined, and you can easily point out the projections.

While buying this unit, you get the added utility of the scut mode without having to buy the mounting unit. This mounting device is included in the unit and provides you with a complete view.


However, with the Garmin unit, you will need to spend around 90 to 100 dollars to get a new mount for the transducer.

So, if you don’t have a generous budget, it is better to just choose Lowrance Active target over Garmin. You won’t have to worry about any grainy images with this unit.

However, to keep lured in your sight, you will need to maintain better control of the unit. That way, the lure won’t go out of the cone.

All in all, the performance of this system is quite similar to the Garmin unit. It is true that in some aspects, Garmin provides better results, but you will have to spend hundreds of dollars to get those features.

If you take the price point into consideration, then Garmin can’t keep up with the value that Lowrance brings to the table. This unit is just superior because of its affordable price tag and comparable performance.

Some people mention the different features on the Garmin LiveScope, but you should note that most of these are also present on Lowrance Active Target.

When it comes to this, the forward mode, down mode, and scout mode are all present in the sonar system.

These allow people to take advantage of different perspectives depending on the type of fish they are trying to catch as well as the area they are fishing in.

One advantage of this device is that the mounting bracket required for scout mode comes in the box.


This means that people don’t have to purchase it separately which saves a lot of time as well as some money. On top of this, another great thing about the device is its ability to detect small objects.

This works great as you can view stuff even from a large distance.

There are several other models of sonar systems that this brand has come up with. If you are not comfortable using the Lowrance Active Target, then there are other options that can be used as well.

This is why make sure that you go through all the options once.

Garmin LiveScope

The Garmin LiveScope system is the flagship live sonar from Garmin. This was released back in 2018, several years before other sonar systems like the Lowrance Active Target were announced.

This makes the Garmin LiveScope one of the original sonar systems that can be bought.

This unit is known for its exceptional performance and the wide range of features it brings to the table. As compared to the narrower cone on the Lowrance unit, you get a wider cone with the Garmin LiveScope.

However, you will have to pay quite a bit more to get this unit on your boat.

As far as the quality of the images is concerned, the Garmin Unit performs just as well as the Lowrance unit. Even with the wider cone, there are minimal grains on display.

You can easily make out the information provided by the display.


You will have to pay extra to get accessories for this unit, but once you have it installed in your boat, other units can’t compare to the performance that it brings to the table. This unit is truly exceptional as far as the performance is concerned.

The only downside is people have a hard time justifying the inflated price point on most Garmin products.

Depending upon your objective with the purchase and the budget, you should only go for Garmin when you are participating in a competition.

Otherwise, for causal fishing, the Lowrance unit will provide you with a similar performance at a much more attractive rate. For more information, you can also ask your local experts.

That way, you will have practical knowledge of the performance of these units.

All in all, both units bring quite a similar number of features to the table. It is true that Garmin provides slightly better performance as compared to Lowrance.

But most people are not willing to pay thousands of dollars for a sonar unit. So, you should always go for the unit on which you’re getting a better deal.

There is no need to waste money on a Garmin unit. You will save hundreds of bucks while going for Lowrance Active Target. Aside from this, you should note that both brands come with customer support teams.


These are amazing as you can contact them whenever you want to.

The team will not only answer any queries that you have in mind regarding the products but even help you in getting rid of any problems.

Talking about this, it is generally rare to find problems with these sonar systems but in case you do get one, simply contact the support team.

Customer support will then provide you with several troubleshooting steps that can be used to fix the problem. This should take a few minutes in most cases and your problem will then be gone.

People can even claim the warranty service to get free repairs and replacements on their sonar system.

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