Lowrance Active Target Power Light Flashing? (8 Things To Know)

lowrance active target power light flashing
lowrance active target power light flashing

You may have seen the “Power” LED light on your Lowrance Active Target module flickering a green/orange pattern. You may wonder whether there is anything wrong with your computer or network.

Here are a few possible fixes that might help you solve this problem:

Lowrance Active Target Power Light Flashing:

  1. Press power button

Your backlight was probably mistakenly switched off when you shut down your device. If your display comes on, it shows the blue Lowrance screen and goes completely black.

Just press the “Power” button a few times until the screen comes back on after the computer has been switched on and the screen is black. Don’t keep pressing and releasing the “Power” button; press and remove it.

  1. Power Off

Just press the “Power” button once to ensure this does not happen again, and then choose the “Power Off” option when you are ready to turn off your display. Your display will be turned off entirely while all settings and functions are safely stored away.

  1. Cleaning the Screen

The use of soap and warm water should be sufficient. Avoid using any abrasive cleanser at all costs. They will take off the coating that prevents the glass from reflecting light.

  1. Electrical Noise

Lines on a boat with other electrical gadgets may appear on display. Shut off all electrical gadgets on the ship to find where the noise comes from. Remove all other devices from their sockets. Powering up other devices one by one until the lines emerge again is a good strategy. You may have to move the Lowrance unit’s connections out of the way of the issue source.

  1. Stable ground connection

Make sure that all of your electrical connections are spotless, and check to see that your power supply has a link to the earth that is rock strong. If it does not work, you may do a factory reset by following the instructions in this post. Download the most recent version of the software compatible with your device from our website, lowrance.com, and then check to see that it is also up to date.

  1. Touch-Screen

Menus may be used to configure your device’s interface if it has a touch screen. There is an option to calibrate the screen. Get started by pressing the button.

  1. Update the Software

Make sure your computer is up to date with the latest software. Take a look at Lowrance.com’s Software Update section. In addition, the upgrades are free of charge.

  1. Reset the Unit

Unexpected display issues may occasionally be resolved by resetting your equipment. To learn how to do a factory reset on your specific device, visit the main page of our knowledge base. In the search bar, type in the model number of your Lowrance device and the words “Unit, Manual, and Accessories.”. The one with your model can choose from the results list. The product information page will provide reset instructions at the bottom. First, do a Soft Reset to restore your device’s original factory settings.

Preserve any critical data on an MMC or SD card or write it down before doing a Hard Reset. During this operation, all of the data will be wiped clean.

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