6 Common Lowrance Elite 9 Ti2 Touch Screen Problems

lowrance elite 9 ti2 touch screen problems
lowrance elite 9 ti2 touch screen problems

It is challenging to deal with screen problems or screen not working when using your Elite 9 ti2. If you are experiencing issues with your low-end Elite 9 Ti2, such as the screen not zooming in or out to maintain track of your location, and even more so when the pointer travels on its own and becomes a barrier if it is practically hard to clear the cursor, then you have a problem.

The article concludes with a discussion of some of the most frequent issues with the Lowrance Elite 9Ti2 touch screen, as well as their respective fixes.

Lowrance Elite 9 Ti2 Touch Screen Problems

1. Filthy Display

If the screen on your Elite 9 Ti2 is dirty or somehow unclean, this might be one of the primary reasons your device’s touch screen is not working correctly. Wipe the screen of your Lowrance Elite 9 Ti2, paying particular care to the four edges of the display. This should fix the problem. Touch screens use corner correlation as their primary means of reference. It is possible that the touch reading will be inaccurate if one or more of the corners are misaligned.

2. Re-Align Feature

When you activate the re-align screen feature on your Lowrance Elite 9 Ti2 touch screen, it moves a pointer to around 8 different spots on the screen and requires you to touch it each time. This is another significant issue that may arise with this particular touch screen. The alignment is correctly reset using this procedure; however, my device doesn’t seem to be able to maintain the position. In the event that the issue continues to manifest itself, one possible explanation for why it is happening is that the primary connection that is responsible for the device’s functionality has become loose. Examine it to see whether or not it is, in fact, the problem.

3. Updating Software

If the touch screen on your Elite 9 Ti2 is acting up, you may want to consider updating the software for your device’s overall performance and functionality. If this is the case, you should attempt to do a hard reset on your Elite 9 Ti2 and see if it fixes the issue. Sometimes it will not even allow you to do that, in which case you may attempt to calibrate the touch screen on your smartphone. In particular when trying to touch regions close to the screen’s borders. It is quite probable that this would resolve all of the issues that are preventing the touch screen on your smartphone from functioning correctly.

4. Dark Screen

Your backlight may have been accidentally switched off when you shut down your device. If your screen comes on, it displays the Lowrance blue screen and then goes black. Keep pushing the “Power” button for a few seconds until the screen comes back to life. The “Power” button should not be held down; instead, push it swiftly and release it. You can prevent this from occurring again by pressing the “Power” button once and selecting “Power Off” when you wish to turn off your screen. All of the settings and functionality will be saved before you power off your display using this method.

5. Electrical Noise

Lines may appear on the display if there is other electrical equipment on the boat. To find out where the noise is coming from, turn off all of the boat’s electronics. Only the Lowrance unit has to be powered up at any one time. The lines should appear again after a few tries with various devices. There is a possibility that the Lowrance unit’s connections need to be moved out of the path of the issue.

6. Reset the Unit

It’s possible that restarting your equipment may fix any unexpected display problems you’re having. Find the reset technique for your device by going to the main page of our knowledge base and looking for it there. The search box will need you to enter the model number of the Lowrance product you own in addition to the phrases “Unit, Manual, and Accessories.” To find your model, choose the option that appears in the results. Instructions for resetting the device may be found at the bottom of the page that contains product information. Start by performing a Soft Reset, which will return all your settings to their initial state when the device was first manufactured.

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