Lowrance Elite 9 Ti Troubleshooting (6 Common Issues)

lowrance elite 9 ti troubleshooting
lowrance elite 9 ti troubleshooting

Lowrance is known for its incredible value proposition, as it brings the perfect balance between high-end and affordable boat accessories. So, if you’re looking for sonar units and transducers for your boat on a limited budget, it might be a good option for you.

This brand offers a wide range of accessories. It also competes with Garmin when we compare the premium products by Lowrance with Garmin accessories.  Recently there have been many queries about the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti unit.

This is one of the most complete fish finders that you can find on the market. The performance of this unit is simply superior to any other options within the same price range.

Moreover, the mounting routine and the setup are pretty easy to get through. So you won’t have to go through much hassle.

Even though it is a solid transducer for your boat, there are still a few issues that you can expect in this unit. So, let’s cover a few troubleshooting steps for the Lowrance Elite 9 Ti.

Lowrance Elite 9 Ti Troubleshooting

  1. Backlight Issues

One of the leading issues that you will notice people complain about is the backlight flickering. It can be quite annoying to interpret anything when the backlight is coming on and going off rapidly.

Most of the time, backlight issues can be traced back to problems with the power unit.

So, if you are in a similar situation and want to get around the backlight issues, it would be best to inspect the power unit. That will help you troubleshoot this problem quickly without any further issues with the Lowrance unit.

lowrance elite 9 ti

You can use any voltage to check the stability of power from the source. If the power source is not stable, then that is likely why you’re struggling with flickering issues with the Lowrance unit.

So, you will need to look towards the installation of a unit replacement to get the device working again. However, if the power output is stable from the source, then the issue might be with the wiring or connection points.

Try cleaning the connection points if there is any rust or dirt on them. Similarly, you should also inspect the cable to find physical damage.

This will help you isolate the cause of this error, and then you can replace the cable to get Lowrance Elite 9 Ti working again.

  1. Not Recognizing the Transducer

Even if your display is working perfectly, you won’t be able to get any valuable information from the unit if it doesn’t recognize the transducer.


This problem can be quite challenging to deal with, and most often than not, you will have to reset the unit.

So, if you’re stuck in this problem and none of the basic troubleshooting steps are working, try soft resetting the unit. This should help you fix minor issues with your device.

You can find the soft reset procedure on the unit information page, as well as the owner’s manual. Ideally, the problem will cease after you have reset the device.

But if, for some reason, you’re still unable to fix the issue, you will have to hard reset the device.

Hard resetting the device will remove everything from the unit. So, make sure to create a backup of any useful information on a separate memory stick. That way, you can import the data back once the device is working perfectly.

  1. Screen Freezing

The situation with the screen freezing is more commonly linked to the minor programming errors that you will have to address by going through a soft reset.

While it might not be the best option, you’re not left with many methods here. So, be sure to go through the soft reset routine.

It won’t get rid of all the configurations while still helping you with the screen freezing errors. It all comes down to the software version, and you might need to go through an update to get through these errors.

error (2)

So, be sure to also check on the software version as you try to address the errors with the software.

Similarly, you might also have to go through a hard rest if you’re stuck on the same problem after trying out the fixes mentioned above.

You will have to go through all of the configurations one more time, but that is much better than struggling with these errors.

  1. Responsiveness Issues

The issue with the unit responsiveness is also hard to manage at first. Many owners point out that their systems won’t respond to any input. If you’re in the same situation, then you will have to first check the hardware status of the unit.

Most of the time, the struggle with hardware issues can be fixed and you’ll have to get a replacement for the Lowrance system.

If you’re in the same boat, be sure to reach out to an expert. He will guide you on how you can manage these responsiveness errors.

If the unit is damaged, you will have to go through a warranty claim. However, if the device seems to be in good shape, simply resetting the system and securing the power connections one more time will do the job.

You need to make sure that there are no corroded sections and that the power from the source to the unit is optimal. You can easily confirm the power issues by making use of a multimeter.

All you’re trying to do here is make sure that the pressure on the unit is limited.

  1. Distorted Presentation

The situation with the distorted presentation can be more linked to the performance of the transducer. If you’re not relying on a decent transducer, then you will keep struggling with these errors.


The only thing that you can do here is to fix the angle of the transducer and the cable.

If there are any kinks or frayed sections on the cable, then fix the situation by installing a replacement. However, if the cable is in good shape, then you will have to check the transducer for issues.

First, try to fix the angle so that the transducer is pointing perfectly down.

Next, you need to check on the condition of the unit one more time as you try to adjust the presentation of the charts. If there are cracks on the unit or it is covered with debris, then a quick maintenance cycle will be enough here.

However, if the unit is damaged, then the only fix here is to get a new unit. You won’t be able to make use of this unit and will have to eventually switch to a different one. So, either claim the warranty or ask the dealer to recommend you a different unit.

  1. Dark Screen Issues

Many people have mentioned that the display on their Lowrance Elite 9 Ti will go dark after they power up the device. If you’re in a similar situation, then it is probable that there is something wrong with the device configurations. 

As long as you see the bright Lowrance logo in the beginning, it means that the device is working. So, if the logo comes on for a few seconds, you don’t have to worry about any serious issues.

Now, to fix the display issue with the unit, you will need to manage the backlight configurations. While shutting down the unit, many users accidentally reset the backlight settings.

try resetting

Once you have managed the configurations accordingly, save the settings, and the display should start working perfectly.

If you’re stuck in any problem that isn’t here, the best way to go about fixing the issue would be to reach out to customer support.

The Lowrance customer support is very responsive. You will immediately come in contact with a professional that will guide you about the issue.

So, just call the company number and get an email to secure a response from the customer support team.

Wrapping Up

These were some of the more common issues that you need to keep in mind when using the Lowrance Elite TI system. Most of the time, these issues are easy to fix.

You won’t have to go through any extensive errors or troubleshooting routines to get everything working.

Moreover, if you’re not that sure about the hardware status and the unit seems to be in poor shape, then you need to get a new one.

There is simply no point in trying to make use of a defective system, and you will have the new one within the same week.

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  1. my side scan has very little range. I can see a line for the motor or a channel marker if I go real close. I have tried different settings but I am only guessing and have not found good results. I fish only salt water 8ft and deeper.

  2. Hi.. My screen has went black. The unit was a used one that came with the boat , but how can I reset the unit ??


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