How to Adjust Brightness on Lowrance Elite 7? (In 8 Steps)

how to adjust brightness on lowrance elite 7
how to adjust brightness on lowrance elite 7

If your display powers on, shows the blue Lowrance screen, and then goes completely dark, it is most possible that you inadvertently turned off the backlight while switching off your unit.

To adjust brightness on Lowrance elite 7, what you need to do is, once the device has been turned on and the screen is black, press the “Power” button several times until the screen brightens back up. Do not keep your finger on the “Power” button; quickly push it once and then let go of it.

How to Adjust Brightness on Lowrance Elite 7

  1. Firstly, click the “Power” button once, and then select the “Power Off” option from the menu. This will save all of your settings and features before putting your display into a secure sleep mode.
  2. Then Cleaning the Screen would help in most cases; soap and warm water are all needed. Any abrasive cleaning should be avoided at all costs. They will remove the layer that blocks light from passing through the glass.
  3. Sometimes lines appearing on the screen might be caused by other electronics on the boat. Turn off all the electronics on the boat to find where the noise comes from. On should only be the Lowrance device. If there are no liens on the screen, turn on other devices one by one until the lines start to show up again. You might need to move the cords from the source of the problem away from the Lowrance unit.
  4. Next, check your electrical connections for cleanliness and that your power supply has a reliable ground connection. Try resetting the unit according to the instructions in this paper.
  5. Use the menu to set up your screen or interface if you have a touch screen. There is the option to Calibrate the screen. Press the button and do what it says on the screen.
  6. After that, make sure that your device’s software is up to date. To update, simply go to the Software Update page on
  7. Your device may only need to be reset to fix a number of display problems. Most models can be reset by following the steps on the home page of this knowledge base. In the search box, type the model number of your Lowrance product along with the words “Unit, Manual, and Accessories.”
  8. From the results, you should choose the one that has your model. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find instructions on how to reset the product. First, do a Soft Reset to get your device’s settings back to how they were when you first got it.

Before performing a hard reset, you should carefully consider storing any vital information on an MMC or SD card. During this procedure, each and every piece of data will be obliterated. You can use this link to obtain the most recent software version that supports your device. After selecting your product series from the drop-down option, navigate to the Software part of the website.

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