Lowrance Elite FS 9 Review – Should You Get It?

lowrance elite fs 9 review
lowrance elite fs 9 review

While using a sonar, you can differentiate between different species of fishing by looking at the arch as well as the color of the spot on your unit.

Most beginners often struggle with getting used to their sonar units.

So, if you’re not familiar with how to read sonar units, it is best to go through some online guide or refer to your local experts for guidance. 

Many people have recently been talking about the Lowrance Elite FS series.

This unit brings exceptional value to the customers by providing a future-proof unit. So, let’s cover a few features of Lowrance Elite FS 9 with a complete review.

Lowrance Elite FS 9 Review

Starting with the overall structure and design of the unit, it brings a sleek look to your boat. Unlike other sonar units on the market, it doesn’t take much space on your boat.

The Lowrance Elite FS 9 is pretty slim and offers exceptional resolution to the users.

The best thing about this unit is that you no longer have to worry about using the screen with wet hands.

The device works perfectly well even when there is a substantial amount of water on the unit.

As far as the transducer functionality is concerned, it outperforms most of the other units in the market. Depending upon the water conditions, you will be easily able to see individual fish.

If you’re looking for a place to cast, this unit will provide you with complete support. The structure beneath the boat will be clearly visible, and you can achieve exceptional results.

This unit is further equipped with an active imaging transducer. It is one of the easiest units to set up, and you won’t have any trouble with reading the information.

The Lowrance Elite FS 9 is also compatible with most of the newer tech in the market, including StructureScan 3D.

So, if you’re looking to buy a unit that is integrated pretty easily into your existing system, then Lowrance Elite FS9 is a good option to look for.

The only downside of this unit is that it can be quite expensive for most users. So, you will have to maintain a generous budget if you’re looking to install this system on the boat.


It is true that there are cheaper alternatives available in the market, but you won’t be able to maintain a similar performance on your fishing trip.

This unit does provide users with a bang on the buck and is one of the most used units in the market.

For further convenience in the controlling unit, you can also rely on the keypad to use multiple features.

You can link it with Genesis Live to enable the Real-time mapping features on the unit. 

So, whether you’re a beginner or like to participate in tournaments, the Lowrance Elite FS 9 is one of the best options available in the market.

You won’t even come close to achieving similar performance if you go for cheaper sonar units. It brings the latest technology, and customers are provided with a complete warranty over the year.

Target Audience

The target audience for the Lowrance Elite FS9 is the casual anglers and veterans that are looking for a mid range unit.

The affordability and the value balance offered by this system is what puts it above all the other options on the market. So, be sure to stick out with this system.

You will not feel the need to switch to any other option as long as you’re not competing. As far as the basics and the utility is concerned, Elite FS9 is the best that you will get.

There is no need to bother with any other system, and it can be considered as the one stop solution. 

The intuitive touch screen and the powerful CHIRP will have you sorted out on the roughest routes.

Furthermore, there are a ton of personalization features. These features can range from the basic contouring to the Genesis Live Mapping and much more. 

So, if you fall within the same bracket and need a mid-range unit that can compete with some of the most phenomenal units on the market, then Lowrance Elite FS 9 is the best option for you.

You will not feel the need to switch, and it will serve you well for years on end.

Networking Features


Now, as far as the networking side of things is concerned, you will get complete compatibility with a ton of fish finders as well as the ghost trolling motor.

So, if you’re more concerned about the networking side of things, there is no need to struggle with the Lowrance Elite FS9.

It will not only pair up with your other units, but will also provide you more control over the trolling route if you’re using the Ghost trolling motor.

It is one of the biggest plus points of spending your money on the Lowrance Elite FS9, and you will not feel the need to switch. 

Next, you gotta also consider the configuration side of things. This area might be a bit gray as the configurations are not the easiest.

Yes, you will get all the installation instructions and the rest when purchasing this system. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you will avoid the hassle and minor programming bugs. So, you might have to call in the experts or the local veterans to help you set up the system.

Sadly, there are no other steps and you gotta put in the time to get a reasonable enough response from the unit. 

Dealer Support


As far as the support from the brand and the dealer is concerned, Lowrance might be the top system on the market.

There aren’t that many options that will even come close to competing with Lowrance in terms of a responsive support team. 

You’ll get a robust warranty and amazing coverage in case of any issues.

Whether it is hardware issues or some problems with the system’s programming, you can reach out to the official support team at any time. 

They will be more than happy to discuss the problem with you and guide you on how to fix these errors. So, if you’re concerned about the purchase security and the warranty coverage, don’t be worried!

Lowrance has served anglers across the nation for decades, and there have been no serious issues. 

Hopefully, this will clear up some of the confusion on whether or not the Lowrance Elite FS9 is the best unit for you.


So, if you’re confused and can’t seem to find the right system, make sure to go with the Lowrance unit and you will be sorted out right away.

Should You Buy the Lowrance Elite FS 9?

From veteran anglers to beginners, this unit is perfect for people that are looking for a wide range of features.

It brings tremendous value to the table as you don’t have to go through extensive setup procedures.

Even as a beginner, you can install this unit yourself without relying on external help. It is equipped with the latest tech from Lowrance and provides fast and accurate readings to the anglers.

With that said, as long as you don’t have a budget problem, it is one of the best things to install in your boat.

Along with the beginners, it has multiple features that suit veteran anglers perfectly. So, you won’t have to worry about changing the unit in the future as you gain more experience as an angler.


To make the perfect purchase decision, you should give this unit a try for yourself. Reach out to anglers in your region that are using the Lowrance Elite FS series on their boats. 

Within a few hours of trial, you will get an accurate feeling of the unit. That way, you will find whether or not this unit perfectly matches the water conditions in your region.

The Takeaway

When you browse through a few Lowrance Elite FS9 reviews, you will find that the support behind this brand is beyond amazing.

This unit will bring a ton of utility with a huge screen, simple controls, easy setup, and much more. So, you will not feel the need to switch to any other option.

As far as the pricing side of things is concerned, you will get a mid range system that can serve you for decades if you keep it maintained.

Ignoring the maintenance will only put you back and there is no system that can perform well without proper maintenance. 

The networking, the setup, and the basic personalization features are great.

You won’t have to worry about much if you’re sticking with decent brands. So, stick it out with the Lowrance unit and you will be amazed at the performance offered by this system.

Lastly, if you do run into issues or there are some hardware problems, try engaging the dealer.

The support behind this brand is amazing and you can get a fresh piece if your claim is valid. So, don’t wait to ask the officials for help. 

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