Structure Scan 3D vs Active Imaging- Which Is Better?

structure scan 3d vs active imaging
structure scan 3d vs active imaging

Buying a sonar for your boat will transform your fishing experience without a doubt. The newer models available on the market are quite easy to use with the correct module.

They provide you with many benefits and you no longer have to waste time on bad spots while trying to catch fish.

The only downside is that the good models can cost thousands of dollars.

So, you will have to set aside a substantial budget before making the purchase. Recently many anglers have come forward with queries regarding Structure Scan 3D vs Active Imaging.

Both of these are great options that you can go for but there are also some differences between them. These can play a huge role in the performance you get.

So, let’s go over some of the aspects of these products briefly to help you with a better understanding.

Making sure that you go through the information carefully can be important. This is because it helps people in ensuring that the products last them a long time.

Additionally, tons of problems can be avoided as you will purchase a device that best suits your usage and preferences.

Structure Scan 3D VS Active Imaging Comparison

Underwater Image Scanning Structure Scan 3D Active Imaging
Ping Speed Of Device Scrolls Slowly In Comparison Much Faster Return Speed
Image Clarity At Distance Better Imagine Clarity Reduced Clarity After 100 ft
Overall Image Quality Same Clarity At All Distances Better Definition Before 80 ft
Price Of Device Lower In Comparison Higher In Comparison

Structure Scan 3D

The Structure Scan 3D provides you with a complete look at what is going on beneath your boat. You can clearly see the pointers of different fish in the water on a 3D pallet.

You can try a variety of different ranges to fill up more data on the screen.

However, experts recommend users stick to around a 120 ft range. Sticking to this range makes it easier to receive pings faster and it doesn’t take a long time for updated data to present itself on the screen.

This results in people being able to catch varieties quickly without wasting any time.

However, depending upon where you’re fishing, it can sometimes be beneficial to get that bird’s eye view of all the activity around your boat.


The primary difference between Active Imaging and Structure Scan 3D is that Active Imaging presents a more refined view of the area beneath your boat.

With this feature, you can easily point out the different fish while going across the water. The Structure Scan 3D also provides a similar view, but it is sometimes harder to differentiate between different fish.

So, if you’re looking for top-quality shots then Active Imaging is the better option to choose.

With that said, you might end up paying a lot for Active Imaging as compared to Structure Scan 3D. So, if you have the required budget then going with Active Imaging is the better option.

Some users have pointed out that the difference in quality is not substantial enough to spend extra money on a new unit.

For this reason, you should give this feature a try yourself by asking local experts. That way, you will get a better understanding of whether or not to purchase a particular unit.

There are tons of users that already have the device, which is why you should be able to try it out easily.

Some people worry about running into problems with image scanning systems. If you are also feeling hesitant then the best solution that can be used is to contact the support team for these brands.


The companies will ask you some questions related to the issue.

Answering these allows the team to isolate the issue so that it can be fixed as soon as possible. You can also ask questions regarding the devices.

In most cases, people can get their problems fixed without much effort. You should note that the process is also quite fast.

If you notice that some part of your device is damaged, then you can also get this repaired using your warranty. When it comes to this, people should go through their warranty guidelines once.

This helps them in ensuring that the warranty service can be claimed.

Active Imaging

If you’re looking for ideal quality, then Active Imaging is the way to go. With the clear shots on your module, it becomes effortless to set apart different fish on the screen.

You don’t have to do any effort to decipher the colors on your screen and clearly look at the outlines to identify different fish.

It further provides an extended range option for users that want to get a bird’s eye view of their surroundings. So, if you can spare the budget, there isn’t a better unit that can be found on the market.

With Active Imaging, you can clearly see the activity for around 100 feet from your boat.


The detail of this technology can’t be compared with Structure Scan 3D.

It is superior in all aspects and provides you with the perfect fishing advantage. However, that doesn’t mean that you should only have this unit on your boat.

If you’re getting a good deal on Structure Scan 3D and don’t have the budget for Active Imaging, the Structure Scan 3D will provide you will all the necessary benefits.

Even though Active Imaging is better, having the Structure Scan 3D will make it easier to maximize fishing efficiency.

There is no need to go out of your way and spend extra money to get top-tier equipment. If you like fishing casually then you shouldn’t spend extra money to upgrade the existing unit until you have the necessary money.

All in all, if you are looking for something to transform your fishing experience at a relatively reasonable price, Structure Scan 3D will serve you better.


However, if you only need top-quality equipment and don’t have to worry about the budget then Active Imaging will provide you with the perfect shots of your surroundings.

It is superior to Structure Scan 3D in all ways. Keeping this information in mind can help out people in the long run.

In most cases, users can decide if the product is worth their usage or not by simply going through the differences provided above.

Although if you are still confused then there is one more thing that you can try. Contacting the support team for these image-scanning devices is a great option.

People need to understand that the brand they are purchasing the equipment from also plays a huge role. The support team can be contacted to ask questions regarding these devices.

As long as your queries are related to the devices, you should get a clear answer from the brand.

This helps people in solidifying their decisions when making a purchase. As mentioned above, going through both of these models once can also help you out.

If you have the option, then make sure that you try using them once and then compare them side-by-side.

Aside from this, one more thing that you should note is that the Structure 3D Scan has the ability to go up to 160 ft. This makes it great for people that want a larger range instead of clarity.

It is obvious that Active Imaging cannot compare to this device at large distances.

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