Humminbird Helix 5 Not Showing Fish (6 Solutions)

humminbird helix 5 not showing fish
humminbird helix 5 not showing fish

The Helix systems from Humminbird maintain their reputation because of their affordable pricing. This series is perfectly suited for smaller fishing systems and anglers with a minimal budget. So, if you’re not planning on spending a huge budget on the Sonar System, then going with the Helix series is the ideal option for you. While there are some complications like Humminbird Helix 5 not showing fish, this unit will work perfectly the majority of the time. Furthermore, you can rely on these troubleshooting steps if you do run into situations with Humminbird Helix 5 not showing fish.

Humminbird Helix 5 Not Showing Fish Fix

1. Turn Up Gain Settings

The gain settings are the first thing that you need to turn up when you’re not finding any fish. Assuming that you installed the transducer correctly and there is nothing wrong with the wiring connected to the transducer, turning up the gain setting will eliminate this problem with the fish finder.

Ideally, you won’t have to turn up the gain settings by a huge margin, and slightly increasing the gain settings will address this problem. So, just access the sonar settings and increase the gain on your Helix 5 system.

2. Reduce Surface Clutter Settings

The surface clutter features on the Humminbird Helix system will help you minimize random information on the unit. However, if these settings are set too high, you will start missing fish. So, you have to reduce the surface clutter settings and experiment with different levels.

You’ll have to find a spot where the targeted fish start showing up on the screen. Turning it down too much will fill your screen with unnecessary information. So, instead of turning it off completely, you have to keep reducing it by a small margin.

3. Turn Off Filters

The noise filter features are also pretty handy when you’re trying to minimize interferences. However, these features mess with the detection quality of the Helix 5 system. So, make sure to turn off filters on your fish finder and then check the display for fish.

In most situations, the Helix 5 will start presenting fish on the screen, and you won’t have to bother with the same issues. On the other hand, you’ll also notice some clutter on the screen after turning off these filters.

4. Make Sure the Transducer Is Properly Connected

The connection of the transducer with the Helix 5 system should be optimal if you wish to get updated information on the screen. Issues with the cable are not that rare, and if you installed the transducer yourself, there is a chance that the cable is not connected properly. So, try to secure the cable connection with the main display and check the performance from the fish finder again.

Similarly, you have to ensure that the cable is in good shape. If the cable is damaged or frayed, you won’t get anywhere with the Helix system. So, make sure that the cable is in fresh condition and that there is nothing wrong with the Humminbird Helix setup.

5. Change The Angle Of Your Transducer

The angle of the transducer also determines the efficiency of the fish detection underwater. Ideally, your transducer should be mounted horizontally, pointing perfectly down to the sea bed. Otherwise, the arches won’t form on your display, and you will keep missing the fish. So, make sure that the angle of your transducer is not the cause of this issue with Helix 5 not finding fish. You can also make sure to involve an expert in the mounting process, and he will help you better manage the angle of your transducer.

6. Turn Off Fish ID 

The Fish ID feature is a decent addition to the Humminbird Helix 5, but it doesn’t always work perfectly for anglers. The forums are loaded with complaints about the system not finding any fish because of this feature. So, you need to turn off the fish ID and then inspect the performance of the fish finder.

This should be enough to help you with the Helix system not finding any fish. On the other hand, if you’re still stuck in the same complications, try to call someone from Humminbird customer support and have him help you with this system.

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