6 Common Minn Kota Ulterra Problems and Their Solutions

minn kota ulterra problems
minn kota ulterra problems

Ulterra and Ultrex from Minn Kota bring a ton of utility to the anglers with a powerful unit and extreme performance. You won’t have to worry about any performance issues with the Minn Kota Ulterra as long as the motor is kept in good condition. However, if you ignore the maintenance of the unit for a long time, it will create many performance-related issues within the motor. Here are some of the common Minn Kota Ulterra problems that you can expect after ignoring the maintenance of the device. So, if you’re thinking of spending money on this unit, make sure to go through this list to keep track of the efficiency of Minn Kota Ulterra.

6 Common Minn Kota Ulterra Problems

1. Deployment Issues

Deployment issues are first on the list of problems that you will experience with Minn Kota Ulterra. While these automated trim and deploy features bring increased utility to your system, they can malfunction from time to time because of missed inputs. So, you will need to check the conditions of the buttons on the pedal as well as the main unit to isolate this issue.

In most situations, cleaning up the pedal and removing the extra debris from beneath the motor is enough to get the system working again. So, if the motor is not deploying properly, just clean the deployment buttons and make sure the input is registered in the main unit.

2. Motor Not Responding

Sometimes, the motor won’t engage or respond to the commands from the power button. Even though the connections are in good shape, the motor won’t turn on, and you will struggle to get any performance from the Ulterra device. This is usually caused by minimal voltage from the power source, and you need to rely on a multimeter for the diagnosis of the problem.

If the voltage from the power source is indeed below the optimal range, then it is time to get a new battery for your trolling motor. ON the other hand, if the voltage is optimal, you need to check the connection between the control board and the panel.

3. Red Light Won’t Go Away

The red status light on the motor informs users about the current deployment status of the device. When the motor is fully deployed, the red status light turns off, and the green operational indicator will turn on. So, if the red light won’t go away, you need to check the deployment status of the motor.

There is a decent chance that you’re struggling to fully deploy the motor, and some obstruction is blocking the automated features. So, just clean out the unit and then test the deploy features on your motor again.

4. Orientation Problems

Sometimes, the motor won’t stow properly when you use the auto stow button on the controller. This issue is usually caused by users manually stowing the motor after turning off power to the motor. It is not recommended for users to turn off the device and manually stow the motor.

To fix this issue, you need to deploy the motor using the automated features and then stow it using the same button. Instead of manually stowing the motor, you should allow the unit to position itself correctly. Otherwise, you will damage the device, and it will often run into deployment issues.

5. Motor Won’t Rotate

Rotation issues are also pretty common where the Ulterra motor will stop turning after you deploy it properly. These rotation issues are often linked with the trim module, and you need to reset this module to get the motor working again. After resetting the trim module, you won’t have to worry about a thing, and the motor will respond properly to your input.

6. Propeller Issues

The last thing you need to keep track of is the condition of the propeller. If you’re not keeping the propeller periodically, you will deal with noise and performance-related issues. So, if there is excessive noise coming from the propeller or it is not spinning properly, then take out the system and clean it thoroughly. Once the propeller is clean, you can put it back into the palace, and that will fix the noise issues. If there are any other problems with the unit, make sure to engage the experts from Minn Kota.

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