Sep 042010

Short trip with the OGs not too much action mostly White Perch and little Small and Largemouth Bass.  Green Lane Reservoir as always lives up to its “green” namesake.  The visibility of the water is barely a foot.

Green Lane Reservoir White Perch

Live bait here requires a drop shot sinker to keep it out of the rocky bottom.  I was also able to get by with an additional splitshot sinker to catch this White Perch.

Little Smallmouth Bass at Greenlane Reservoir

Here’s a small Smallmouth Bass

Small Largemouth Bass Green Lane Reservoir

Here’s a little Largemouth Bass I also caught that day

Too many little guys to photograph.  Although there was nothing to write home about I always say a few bluegills and small fish beat getting skunked ANY day!  Green Lane Reservoir is a beautiful park and I always love sitting along the reservoir’s shores!

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